C.M.S. Empower Nepali Girls

C.M.S. Empower Nepali Girls

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The past fourteen years, Carmel Middle School has continued a tradition of raising money to help send underprivileged girls to school in Nepal.  This is in connection to the novel students read in 6th Grade Core, Homeless Bird, in which the main character, Koly is forced to marry at a very  young age, like many girls in Nepal and India. One of the most powerful ways to help try to break the cycle of poverty is through education.  

Over the past fourteen years, we have raised a combined total of $77,800.64 to help support the cost of girls attending school in Nepal.  Currently, it costs $170 to send a girl to school in Nepal for one school year. Though we realize this year is very difficult for many families, financially, if it is at all possible for you to donate, in honor of your middle school student(s), the girls in Nepal would sincerely appreciate whatever amount of donation you can offer. It is of no expectation that all donate, only those who are able.  Please note it is tax deductible! 

We can accept cash, or checks payable to "Empower Nepali Girls".

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