TW@CHS 11/15/19

Posted by Jon Lyons on 11/15/2019

Good Evening Padres,

I want to share a little bit of the experience I saw on Thursday at school. I was able to watch part of the first day of the Breaking Down The Walls experience. This is not the first of these type of events I have seen in my time in schools but this time it was different. As I wandered around from group to group I saw students share their triumphs and trials with each other, which is par for the course for this event. However, what was truly unique was sitting side by side with students were teachers, administrators and a member of our CUSD Governing Board. They were not just supervising but sharing on a peer to peer level in an honest and supportive manner and in return they received the same compassion and care from our students. There are days when I am reminded why this is such a special place for kids to learn and this was definitely one of them. It is not just words to say our adults care about our students, it was apparent in their actions. It made me smile and I hope, if your child participated in either day, they walked away with the same feeling of comfort of being part of the Padre community. 


The Week Behind


One of our students, Brooke Miller, recently launched the second year of  a campaign called Princess and the Purse. The program asks for the community/students/friends/family/coworkers to give freely in the way of a donation of a gently used purse, filled with NEW items a homeless woman would not be able to purchase for herself. (some examples are hats, gloves, scarves, gift cards for food, toothpaste/brush, etc) Some fill with jewelry or make up, but nothing creates a boundary on the simple joy of giving.  Last year we were able to collect 100 purses and we very generously gave to women in the Girls Inc Organization, Carmel Mission's "Woman in the Woods'' initiative, & Marina's Homeless Solutions Organization. This year we already have eager Carmel River Elementary School, Carmel High School, Pacific Grove Police Department, Pebble Beach Resorts, and Carmel Police Dept, just to name a few of our partners and drop off locations. We encourage anyone who is able to support this initiative to please donate. 


The Week(s) Ahead

The CHS Dance department has been working for the past few months to prepare for their Dance showcase that will take place next Thursday and Friday at 7pm in the Theatre. Recently the Dance classes have performing at other CUSD schools to show their talent and passion for all forms of dance. The dance show is a student choreographed experience which touches many forms of classic and modern dance. This a show not to be missed so please make time to come and enjoy the show. 


This coming Friday, November 22nd CHS will be administering the Challenge Success survey to all students. This survey is created by the Challenge Success program through Stanford University as a way to measure student social/emotional needs. The data is a valuable resource for us as we craft a social emotional learning program that provides support for all students. A learned colleague of mine shared that in other countries the philosophy in education is with every increase in academic rigor brought up on a student there should be an equal amount of support provided. I am hopeful that the survey will begin to show us how to best support our students while maintaining our academic standing. However, if a parent wishes to opt their student out of the survey they can do so by submitting this form below.


For more information about the work of the Challenge Success initiative please visit


Additionally, The district's Parent Satisfaction Survey is now open at We do this survey every other year to get input from parents that will guide our improvement efforts, including our Local Control and Accountability Plan. The district is committed to reviewing the results and reading every comment in an effort to better understand what is working well and what needs improvement. We want to hear from all of our parents, so please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your opinion matters to us! Please complete the survey(s) by November 22. Thank you


Human Trafficking  Prevention Resources

     As required by Ca. Ed. Code 49381, districts are required to provide to parents of students in grades 6-12 with information on human trafficking prevention resources. In consultation with the Monterey County Office of Education, we selected these resources to share with parents. 

US State Dept.  - 15 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking - Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training

National Human Trafficking Hotline

En Español - National Human Trafficking Hotline


We will be hosting our Community Service Fair on Wednesday November 20th. This event is held every year to showcase opportunities for students to fulfill their service requirement. We will have over 30 organizations that will showcase ways for our students engage with the community in a positive way. This is in line with the part of our school vision of creating connected citizens who can work in the larger Carmel ecosystem for the benefit of others.  


Padre Parent Corner

It’s getting close to the holidays and many of you may be shopping on-line.

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We are on the PODCAST bandwagon:

For those of you on the go we have a podcast that outlines all the great activities we have here on campus as well as provides some insights into how we are working toward providing an innovative and exciting high school experience. To subscribe to the PADRECAST just search for it in your favorite podcast app, (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor) and subscribe. We are still learning how to make this effective but we hope it is another way to keep everyone informed. 



Go Padres,