Principal's Friday Email

Posted by Lindsey Terry on 5/15/2020

Ryan Peterson

4:31 PM (5 minutes ago)
to Tularcitos

Good Afternoon Bobcat Families.   

I hope you are all hanging in there!  I can’t believe we only have a few weeks left.  Like I stated in my Monday Announcements, I hope we can all finish strong. 


Throughout this whole sheltering-in-place, things have frequently changed from week to week and day to day.  This week was one of those weeks.  One of the things that changed was thoughts of what we might do for our Open House next Thursday. 


Up until the middle of this week, we were discussing doing some sort of in-person "drive-by" on Open House night where Tular staff would line the streets, keeping our distance and wearing masks, and parents could drive by and we would wave and say hi.  That all changed on Wednesday when the county Health Department provided an update which led us to believe that a live event like this will not be allowed through the end of the school year.  This is a decision well beyond school or district control that we are required to work within, as we must follow the guidelines of public health officials monitoring the current situation.


Because of that we are no longer going to do the drive-by for our Open House next Thursday.  I know this decision will disappoint some people as it would have been a fun event.  However, I am hoping that, no matter what we choose to do or not do during this shelter-in-place time, we will choose to hold positive memories of all we can do. Whether our Open House could have been completely in person or the drive-by idea, the memories we would walk away with would have been up to us.  Like Charles Swindall’s quote I shared on my Monday Announcements stated, "Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”  I hope we choose to make and hold on to the positive memories through this time rather than the regrets. 


All of that said, one thing we are going to do as a staff is post signs of love, well-wishes, and encouragement from us to our families on our library windows for people to drive by and see anytime on or after Thursday, May 21.  So, when you are on your way somewhere, or if you need to get out of the house for a drive, feel free to go by the school and enjoy the signs from your car.


In addition to the signs for Open House, as a staff we have a number of things in store for the end of the year to bring closure for our students and celebrate them.  We don’t want to give things away, but know that our Teachers and staff are planning things for all students, their classes, and each student.


I know that right now, if you are a 5th grade parent, you are wondering what that means for 5th grade promotion.  We continue to think, and re-think, what that will look like.  We will be in contact with 5th grade families next week with our plans.


I have also heard a lot of talk and rumors out there about when the next school year will start and what it will look like.  As a district, we are continuing to plan for different possibilities and there are no decisions yet.  Our district will continue to send out communications about the start of next school year, so please make sure to read those emails.


In this email

  • Attention to 4th and 5th grade instrumentalists
  • End of Year Materials Return and Collection – June 1st and 2nd
  • Message to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students
  • Kinder and New Student Registration for Next School Year
  • Returning Student Registration
  • Information from the Specialists
  • Science Info from Mrs. DeRenzo
  • Garden Info from Ms. G
  • Monday Morning Announcement Still Going On
  • Message from our PTO


Repeat in this Email

  • Grading Policy for Elementary School
  • Online Tutoring Now Available with our Tularcitos Instructional Aides
  • Mindful Mondays and Parent Support Groups
  • Notes from the Technology Department


Attention all 4th and 5th grade instrumentalists:

It is time to return school owned instruments!  All instruments, method books and folders that students have checked out for the current school will need to be returned to your classroom teacher's table in Bobcat Hall on Friday May 22, from 8:00 am to 12:00 Noon.  If your student wants to keep their instrument because they plan to continue playing it in the fall at either Tularcitos or CMS, please email Mrs. Kremer directly at to make arrangements.  Current 5th grade students heading to the Middle School next year may request to keep their current instrument for practice over the summer to prepare for 6th grade band or orchestra if they are signed up for music class in the fall but they must make arrangements to return it to Tularcitos the week prior to the first day of school next year.   Students who used their own instrument this school year should plan on returning their folders and books only.  


End of Year Materials Return and Collection – June 1st and 2nd

There are a number of materials that we need to collect back from families and have students turn in, and there are projects, art work, yearbooks, and materials that we want to return to families at the end of the year.  We are going to do all of this in a similar way as we have done the previous two packet-pickup times.  We will have your child’s materials packaged with their name on it in Bobcat Hall for you to pick up.  At the time you come into Bobcat Hall to pick up those materials, you will need to return the materials you have at home.  To return the materials you will need to  1) read the emails from your child’s teacher so you know what materials need to be returned to school, 2) place those materials in a bag with your child’s name on it, 3) when you pick up your materials in Bobcat Hall, place the materials you are returning in the same spot on the table.  The dates to drop off and pick up your child’s materials will be Monday, June 1, and Tuesday, June 2 from 8:00-4:00 in Bobcat Hall. 


Message to 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students:

The following email went out from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers, but also wanted to include it here. We are hoping to get all of our 3rd-5th grade students give us their feedback on how this time has been for them.

“Dear 3rd, 4th, or 5th-grade students,

It is important for us to hear back from you about how you are doing during this time of sheltering in place and learning at home.  Please take 10-15 minutes to complete this survey for us before Friday, May 22. 

Thank you for doing this for us.  Keep up the good work.”


Kinder and New Student Registration for Next School Year

Kinder and new student registration for next school year is open.  Please see our website for details of what you need to do.  If you have an incoming kindergartener and did not come into our office prior to the closure, please visit our website ASAP.  Additionally, if you know someone else in the community who has an incoming kindergartener and has not registered, please direct them to the website ASAP as well.


Returning Student Registration

More information will be coming in an email in July regarding what you need to do for registering for next Fall.


Information from some Specialist

Our specialists continue to post new activities each week for students to do at home.  Their websites, and all teacher’s websites, can be found on the “Classrooms” webpage on the Tularcitos website:


Science Info from Mrs. DeRenzo

Mystery Doug invites you into his home for another LIVE SCIENCE SHOW next Thursday 5/21. Doug is excited to answer kids' questions and share a special surprise.



Garden Info from Ms. G

Howdy there, Bobcat Gardeners! 

Oh, how we miss you down here in the garden & so looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we are able. During this time at home, what a better season than now to put in your own garden or learn some new skills for lifelong gardening-big & small, & great eating!  As different as it was for me to sit down & compile all my favorite gardening secrets & put it on a webpage, it’s up & growing. I hope it stokes your green thumb inspirations!  Check it out, try it out, comment, tell me how it’s working out; how much you love the photos & how I can keep fertilizing your organic garden dreams! 

You & your family deserve the local best. 

Here’s to a happy, healthy community. 

Go Bobcat Gardeners!

Blooming Blessings,

Ms. Lauren G.


Monday Morning Announcements Still Going On

I am posting a new video every Monday morning with a message to the students and a reading of a book.  Here is the link (on the website):


Message for our PTO

We are still at work to support our community through our Facebook page.  Thank you to everyone who has followed along with the posts and posted your participation.  We would encourage you to like and follow “Tularcitos Elementary PTO.”  We are trying to post themes of the day and have Tular families post pictures of what is happening at their house to keep our community connected. 


Repeat in this email

Grading Policy for Elementary School

Earlier this week Dr Dill-Varga emailed parents information about the new Administrative Regulation (AR), regarding how grading will work in CUSD for the end of year report cards this year.


Here is what the new AR states for elementary:

During school closure related to the COVID 19 crisis, grading for the spring of 2020 school year will be altered from our traditional systems. This plan is in line with the guidance provided by the California Department of Education to ensure students are held harmless during this crisis.

Elementary: Students at the elementary level will not be evaluated for 3rd trimester on their report cards, instead an N/A (not assessed) will be placed in the box next to each standard assessed during the trimester. Teacher comments will be placed in the narrative box on the report card.


For a number of reasons, we felt that trying to give elementary students grades for the 3rd trimester that would accurately reflect student learning would be very difficult.  In these circumstances, we cannot accurately conduct many of the assessments we do for students at the end of a trimester. To gauge progress of student academic levels, many assessments need to be done in-person, one-on-one, and in small groups. Also, we acknowledge that the grades students might get now would not accurately reflect the progress they could have made if they were in school.  


We are looking forward to providing students and parents report card comments at the end of the year which will focus on a student’s overall character, scholarship, and effort from the year.


When we return in the fall, we know we will need to perform a number of pre-assessments to determine student learning needs.  The assessment results will guide our teachers and we will adjust instruction accordingly.  We will meet the students where they are- academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and behaviorally. Our teachers already to a lot to differentiating instruction within their classrooms and they will take on this new challenge to support all students where they are and get them to where they need to be.


Online Tutoring Now Available with our Tularcitos Instructional Aides

Thankfully, we have had a good number of people sign up for tutoring this week.  It is great to see people taking advantage of this.  We will be meeting as an instructional aide group this coming Tuesday afternoon to talk about how it is going and how we might improve the model.  If you signed up and have ideas, please email those to me.


Again, here is what we are doing:  We are making online tutoring available Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm (except Monday from 11:00-12:00) provided by our outstanding Tularcitos Instructional Aides.  Each session is 15 minutes long and you can sign up for as many 15-minute tutoring sessions as you would like. You can sign up for either "Zoom" or "Over the Phone" tutoring sessions.

To sign up, go to our website and click on the link, “Online Tutoring Sign-Ups” on the right side of the page under announcements. For your quick reference:

Once on the site you will:  

  1. Click on the link for the week that includes the day you want to sign up for online tutoring.
  2. Complete the form. (If a time you want does not show up on the form, that means it has already been taken and you will need to sign up for another time slot.)
  3. One of our Aides will get back to you at the time of your session through either email, if you signed up for a "Zoom" session, or phone, if you want an "Over the Phone" session.


Again, this is something totally new that we are trying and thus the structure may alter over time.  We are hopeful that students and families will find it beneficial.  Please know that your child may not get tutoring from their normal classroom aide as that aide may not be providing tutoring during the time slot you sign up for.  However, all of our aides are wonderful so I know the support your child receives will be great.


Mindful Monday and Parent Support Groups

Mindful Mondays - Students can join me live in a zoom hangout on Monday for a mindfulness exercise and check in about school and life.

K & 1st can join at 10am and go to passcode - 006406

2nd & 3rd can join at 1pm and go to passcode - 006406

4th & 5th can join at 2:30pm and go to passcode - 006406

Parent Support

Feeling overwhelmed, needing support, want to share ideas or just connect with other parents? Join us for our weekly Parent Chat with Ms. Amy & Miss. Suzie every Wednesdays at 10am.  To join go to  & the passcode is 006406. 


Notes for the Technology Department:

For specific technical support with your child’s Chromebook, you can now directly enter a help ticket to request assistance from one of our technicians. Use this link to see the instructions and the trouble ticket web address.

We are providing Chromebooks to students who need them, and we are looking for solutions for families who have no or poor internet access. Please let us know if you have these types of needs by using this form.



Have a fund weekend

Go Bobcats!

Ryan Peterson

Proud Principal, Tularcitos Elementary School

Nurturing Hearts, Expanding Minds, Inspiring Actions, Broadening Horizons.