Principal's Email

Posted by Lindsey Terry on 3/16/2020 12:40:00 PM

Good Afternoon Bobcat Families,


As you all know, our lives are changing day by day.  In the midst of this, I hope that things are going well for you at home.  Here is where we are today.


Last Friday and today teachers have been working at school to create a schedule and packet of classwork for students to complete during the closure. As you know, it is not feasible to recreate in the packets a learning experience that is on par with the high quality education program students benefit from in their daily experience with us. Our goal in planning and designing the packets, therefore, is to have students "maintain" their current academic standing until school resumes and assist you with activities students can do at home.  While some may view these packets as optional, we are highly recommending that you make it a priority as a family to complete this work while school is closed.  This will greatly assist us in picking up right where we left off when we return. (For students who receive additional academic assistance at school we also included additional materials to continue growth in those areas as well.) We will need to collect all student work from families when we return to school, so please make sure to keep the work students complete at home.  In the event that the closure lasts longer than the current projected time, teachers placed enough work into the packet additional weeks if need be.  Please know that directions of what to do will be posted on the teachers’ websites and will be emailed out from the classroom teacher each Friday if we are out additional weeks.


Our expectation is that the resulting work will be approximately one hour a day for K-2nd students, and 90 minutes for 3rd -5th  students. The work may include hardcover books/texts, consumable texts, worksheets and on-line resources that can be accessed through Classlink and the teachers’ websites.  Directions of how to access student’s online accounts with passwords will be provided in the packets for your reference.


The packets will be available for pickup in Bobcat Hall from 3:00-5:00 pm today, Monday 3/16, and tomorrow, Tuesday 3/17, from 8:00-5:00.  They will be in a bag labeled with your child’s name on a table in Bobcat Hall.  To assist students who do not have a device at home to work on, we are checking out Chromebooks to those families.  If you require a Chromebook, it can be picked up from Bobcat Hall when you pick up your child’s packet. Any packets not picked up by Tuesday at 5:00 will be transported to the CMS gym and will be available for pickup when they offer food distribution to families in need (that communication will be sent out separately).


In addition to the work from the classroom teachers, the Specialists (Spanish, Library, Music, PE, Science) will also have activities posted on their websites for student and families to do.  Directions of what to do for Specials will be posted under the announcements on the Tular website as well as sent in a weekly email each Friday.


Setting Up a Daily Routine

While you are at home, I would encourage families to establish a daily routine for getting school work done.  Students thrive under routine and establishing this could really help your family.  In this routine I would recommend including: a consistent bed and wakeup time where your child gets the roughly 10 hours of sleep they need, two different “school work” times throughout the day rather than one, a reading time, and play times where they go outside or you play games together as a family.  Additionally, I would highly recommend that you set limits on how much screen time your child will get each day so that it does not consume the time. Here is a link to my screen use suggestions for your reference with some alterations for the time we are in:

To complement the work teachers will be providing and to help you at home, Khan Academy has been putting together some great resources for parents.  (see the “Daily Schedules for…” under the “Parents” heading)


Not Your Normal Vacation

Please remember this time should not be treated like a “snow day,” as the following article puts it, or like a typical break.  We need to following the advice of the medical professionals and be socially distancing ourselves during this time.  Please read the following article for advice on how to go about your daily lives to make sure we are being socially responsible and limiting the spread of coronavirus.

Additionally, here is an article to get us thinking out of the box on how to go about our lives in the midst of social distancing (although this is now a couple of days old).


Talking to Your Child about Coronavirus

Here is also a link to an informative article about talking to your child about coronavirus for your reference


What is happening with Upcoming Events?

It is too early to tell for sure, but here is the current thinking for the events schedule between now and Spring Break.

  • After School Enrichment – postponed – a decision about what will happen will be made after we return
  • Tues, Mar 24 @ 7:00: District Band Festival – TBD
  • Sun, Mar 29 @ 4:00: Spring Fling Fundraiser at Gardner’s Ranch – being rescheduled – more info coming
  • Tues, Mar 31 @ 10:40: Trustworthy Character Counts Assembly by 1st Grade – being rescheduled
  • Wed, Apr 1 @ 7:00: District Orchestra Festival – TBD
  • Fri, Apr 3 @ 3:00: Popsicles with Peterson – being rescheduled
  • Wed, Apr 8 @ 6:00 pm: PTO Meeting – TBD
  • Fri, Apr 10 before school: Pancake Breakfast provided by Tular Dads – TBD
  • Fri, Apr 10: Spirit Day: Beach Attire - TBD
  • Apr 13-17: Spring Break


You may contact me or your teachers directly through email during the closure.  Please know that no one, including teachers, are allowed on site starting Wednesday, 3/18.  


We wish you the very best during the closure. Please share with your children that we will miss them and look forward to their return. Stay well, safe, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance.  As no one can predict what will happen over the coming days and weeks, please check your email and/or the district website for current communications and to know what to expect for school.  I still plan on sending out a Friday email to keep you updated on what is going on for school.  On the Tularcitos website under announcements we have also posted some fun videos for the students, and parents, to enjoy.  I’d encourage you to check them out.  While this is a difficult time, other than all of us staying healthy and safe, one of my hopes in this is that we will be able to recapture the importance of family time and slowing down.  Our lives are often so full of activities and distractions we lose focus on what is important. I am hoping that this forced break from what has become our fast-paced normal will help us redefine and refocus on what our lives should be like and be about. 


We are looking forward to seeing you back when we start up again.

Ryan Peterson

Proud Principal, Tularcitos Elementary School

Nurturing Hearts, Expanding Minds, Inspiring Actions, Broadening Horizons.