Principal's Friday email

Posted by Kimberly Carley on 10/11/2019 12:00:00 PM

Ryan Peterson

Oct 10, 2019, 4:03 PM (18 hours ago)
to Tularcitos

Good Afternoon Bobcat Families


This is coming out a day early so you can get it before tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a great October break!


In this email

  • Don’t Miss This
  • Spirit Day Tomorrow
  • Reserved Parking Spots
  • Lost and Found
  • Library Overdue Notice Mistake
  • Library News – Brown Bag Surprise
  • Unique job opening at Tularcitos
  • Big Emergency Drill
  • Message from our PTO

Repeat in this Email

  • What Parents Need to do in an Emergency
  • Fall Festival
  • Halloween Costume Guidelines

Upcoming events


Don’t Miss This

  • Tomorrow is Black and White Spirit Day
  • Please respect the Reserved Parking spots on campus near the bus drop-off area
  • Oct 14-18 October Break


Spirit Day Tomorrow

Our spirit day tomorrow is Black and White Day.  We are encouraging everyone to come dressed in black and white to show their Bobcat pride. 


Reserved Parking Spots

We have two reserved parking spots on campus at the top of the bus drop-off area along Via Contenta. They are painted with a white curb and marked as “reserved” around the spots.  These spots earn our PTO a significant amount of money at our Spring Fling auction.  This can only happen, however, if people honor these spots as reserved and not park in them, even if only for a moment.  Please stay out of these reserved spots on all school days and for every school function.  Thank you.


Lost and Found

Are you missing a jacket or bathing suit and want to have it for October break?  Please make sure to check the lost and found when you are on campus tomorrow and when we return from break.  It is overflowing and will be donated to charity on November 1.


Library Overdue Notice Mistake

If you received an email saying you have an overdue library book due tomorrow, you can disregard that communication.  There was a glitch in our system that sent out the communication by mistake.


Library News – Brown Bag Surprise

This past week in library 4th and 5th-grade students had the opportunity to participate in brown bag surprise check out.  A wide variety of books were wrapped in a brown lunch bags, with only a one-line summary and a few subject headings. Included were old and new books, from classics to graphic novels. Also novels to revisit, ghost stories, sports fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, survival, and time travel.

Students read the book to themselves or with their families, complete a short evaluation and later share their book review with their classmates. Participating students made a commitment to try something new or different, not judge a book by its cover and have a bit of literary fun.


Big Emergency Drill

Wednesday, Oct 23, at about 9:00, we will be doing our annual full-scale emergency drill.  This drill is different than others in that this drill includes search and rescue, first aid, and student release procedures to ensure the staff has the opportunity to practice their roles in a real emergency.  During this drill we will pretend that there was an earthquake where some students (who are picked out in advance) will be acting to be injured and missing.  We also ask some parents to show up to pick up their student as they would if we had experienced a disaster where we would have to release students early to parents.  We have learned a lot from doing this drill over the years. When we practice this drill the fire department is also here to offer us feedback on how we can improve.  One of the hopes of doing this drill is to make the mistakes so we can find the areas where we need to improve and make the changes before we experience a real emergency; something I hope never happens.  If you would like to help us with the drill by coming to check out your child during the drill (and returning them after), please call the Tularcitos office or email me by Friday, Oct 11.  We are looking for about 20 parents to come but there are directions we need to give you in advance so please call the office if you would like to help in this way.  During this drill we will also be trying out a test mass communication to our families that we would use in an emergency to notify families of what is happening.  It will be very clear in the message that this will be a test, so please do not reply by calling in.


Message from our PTO

We hope everyone has a great October break.  Our next meeting will be Wed, Nov 6, at 8:45 in Bobcat Hall.  We still have a couple of positions open within our PTO.  If you are interested in helping out in any way please come to our meeting or contact Heaven Tempalski (PTO President) at


Repeat in this email

Unique job opening at Tularcitos

We have a fun and unique job opening at Tularcitos for a parent who wants to be a stay-at-home parent but would like to earn some money during the day when their children are at school.  We are in need of someone to do lunch recess supervision for 45 minutes a day from 12:20-1:05.  If you are interested, please go to the district HR website.  Please call Mr. Peterson with any questions.


What Parents need to do if there is an Emergency at School

Every month we practice some sort of emergency drill (earthquake, fire, hostile intruder) so our staff and students know what to do in an emergency.  In a real emergency one of the biggest components is safely returning the students to you.  This is something we will practice in two weeks when we do a full-scale emergency drill, but I wanted to take the time now to inform all of our families what you would do to pick up your child at Tular if there was ever a big emergency.  In every emergency training I have attended, the trainers emphasize the point that student release is the most complicated, emotional, and potentially volatile part of an emergency.  Parents come in, rightfully so, very concerned about the safety of their child, and at times can become impatient and hostile to the people trying to release students safely to their parents.  Our biggest concern in student release after an emergency is to safely return students to the right person.  In an emergency we all must work together, so the most important thing to remember in an emergency is to stay calm and know that we have a process in place to safely release your child to you.  However, with about 450 students, this process will take time so patience, staying calm, and helping and comforting each other is extremely important. 

To pick up your child safely in an emergency you would go to the following locations:

  1. In an emergency where students cannot be in the classrooms, parents will be directed to check out their children from the gate along Pilot Rd near our garden.
  2. In an emergency where students can wait in the classrooms, parents will be directed to check out their children from Bobcat Hall.

In any emergency, we will have staff and signs out directing parents where to go.  Again, the most important thing is to know that we have a process in place to safely return your students, and we need everyone to work together to stay calm so we can safely return students to their parents.


Halloween Costume Guidelines

I know many people are already starting to think about Halloween costumes.  So before you go out shopping, here are our guidelines for costumes at school and during the parade (Parade is at 1:15 on Halloween – more info coming in future emails)

  • Must follow normal dress code (can be found in our Discipline Plan on our website)
  • No Masks (we need to see students’ faces and face paint is more fun)
  • No real, fake, or play weapons, guns, swords, lightsabers, pistols, knives, bows and arrows, etc.
  • No wheels
  • Nothing offensive, violent, or gory

If you have any specific questions about a costume, please email or give me a call.



Upcoming events

Oct 11: Last day of swimming for 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Oct 14-18: October Break

Wed, Oct 23 @ 9:00: Big Emergency Drill

Thurs, Oct 24: Picture Makeup Day – this is a change

Thurs, Oct 31 @ 1:15: Halloween Parade through the village

Fri, Nov 1: Minimum Day for staff professional development.  Students released at 12:30 after lunch.

Tues, Nov 5 @ 3:00-6:00: Free Flu Shot Clinic at Tularcitos (generously funded by CV Rotary)



Have a great break!

Ryan Peterson

Proud Principal, Tularcitos Elementary School

Nurturing Hearts, Expanding Minds, Inspiring Actions, Broadening Horizons.