Principal's Friday Email

Posted by Kimberly Carley on 9/9/2019 2:20:00 PM



Good Afternoon Bobcat Families


In this email

  • Don’t Miss This
  • Too much screen time? No Screens Week is next week!
  • Cell Phone Basket
  • Being Good Neighbors
  • Music Teacher Update
  • Youth In Action
  • PTO Bucks for Bobcats – Thank you!
  • Message from our PTO

Repeat in this Email

  • Playing at Tular After School
  • Helping with Tular History
  • Swimming – Thank you Monterey Peninsula Foundation
  • Morning Mile

Upcoming events


Don’t Miss This

  • Today is the campout! You can check-in anytime after 3:30
  • Next week is No Screens for Ice Cream Week. A flier came home today with more information.


Too much screen time? No Screens Week – 9/9 through 9/13

Do you feel your kids are spending too much time in front of a screen?  Want to reclaim family time?    We are encouraging and challenging all families to turn off the screens in their home from Monday, 9/9, after school to Friday, 9/13, when school starts.  In turning off the screens our hope is to encourage families to spend more time with one another playing games, eating meals together, going for those family walks, and students reading more at home.  Many people know or feel that their family members spend too much time in front of a screen.  We hope that you will take this opportunity to spend a week reducing that screen time, and maybe even use this to reevaluate how you want to structure your family time at home for the year.  Students of families who choose to accept this challenge will need to complete the bottom portion of the flier that went home yesterday for their child to earn an ice cream party on Tuesday, Sept 19, at lunch.  Turning off screens involves everything with a screen including phones, tablets, computers, and TV’s (of course this does not include time that students or parents need to be on a screen for educational purposes or to read or make phone calls). A flier with more details will went home today. 


Cell Phone Baskets

I mentioned this at our Back to School Night, but want to challenge our entire community.  There is plenty of research out there on the negative effects of too much screen time and social media.  None of those things are bad in themselves, but we have to make sure we put boundaries on use in a way that is developmentally appropriate for the different age groups.   Attached is a list of what I think are some of the best recommendations about screen time use and cell phones for families with elementary students in order to set a strong foundation of use as your children get older.  One of the best ways I have heard to help put boundaries on the use for everyone in the family is to get a small basket that everyone puts their cell phones into when they get home (this means everyone, adults and children’s friend who visit as well).  This helps keep your time at home as relational time and helps prevent the use of cell phones as a time filler/waster.  People can still hear the cell phones go off or buzz in the basket, so you’ll still get your calls, but not having the phones on your person will encourage the face to face interactions we are all needing to reclaim.  We have had a cell phone basket in our house for over a year now and we won’t go without it now as every relationship in our family has benefitted.  I hope you will not only seriously consider getting your own cell phone basket (and determining how to best use it in your family), but also to read the attached recommendations to make sure we are being strategic in how we incorporate technology into our lives and families.  If you do decide to create a cell phone basket, please post it and share it on your own social media to encourage others to as well.  I firmly believe our entire community would benefit from the limited screen time and more face time from this one small action.  Here is a great video (same as above) to spark some thought about this.  It is worth your 5 minutes.


Being Good Neighbors – please do not use driveways

We know that parking and drop-off can be hard with everyone coming to Tular all at once and having such limited parking.  During these times, we want to make sure we are good neighbors to those that live around Tular.  Please make sure when you park around campus that you do not block our neighbors’ mailboxes and please do not use their driveways to turn around.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Music Teacher Update

I wanted to let everyone know that we have hired a music teacher, Jennifer Kremer, and are very excited for her to join us.  Unfortunately, it will still be a few weeks until she can start teaching at Tular as she is still under contract with MPUSD and cannot be released from her current position until they have hired another music teacher to take her place.  I’ll let you know when she is finally here.  In the meantime, we have Kathy Findley, a retired music teacher, as our long-term sub.  Kathy has been fabulous with the students and we are lucky to have her during this transition.


Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a community service organization led by children and started by Tularcitos students three years ago.  We help with community projects such as the book drive, toy drive, and more!  We plan to have four projects this school year.  Any student is welcome to join.  Our next meeting will be at St. Dunstan's on September 8th at 3pm.  We can't wait for you to come!  To learn more, go to: 


PTO Bucks for Bobcats – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who gave to our Bucks for Bobcats campaign.  We had over 81% participation and raised over $34,000 as a school with 12 classes getting over 80% participation and two classes, Mrs. Southerland and Mrs. Becker, earning a pizza and ice cream party for getting 100% participation.  Thank you again, for supporting our PTO so they can continue to help strengthen our community and support the great learning happening in the classrooms.


Message from our PTO

Thank you to everyone who came to our first PTO meeting.  We had a great turnout.  We are still in need of help in various roles within PTO including help with putting on our Fall Festival on Sept 27.  If you are interested in helping out in any way please come to our first meeting or contact Heaven Tempalski (PTO President) at


Repeat in this email

Playing at Tular after school

After school is out, please do not ride bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. on campus until the vast majority of people are off campus and it is at least 3:15.  That way we can make sure everyone is safe.


Helping with Tular History

The Carmel Valley History Museum and I are working on a project together to put together of history of Tularcitos (starting way back when it was a one room schoolhouse) to put up in our front office.  While we have put together the history, we are in search of photos.  We need photos of the old school houses (there were two) as well as photos of the original school building here on Ford Rd.  If you, or any friends or relatives, have any old photos, please bring them into the office and we will scan them (of feel free to scan and email them to me at Any other historical memorabilia could be great to have scanned as well.  Thanks for your help with this fun project.


Swimming – thank you Monterey Peninsula Foundation for the grant for our swim program

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are swimming away.  We want to extend a big thank you to the Monterey Peninsula Foundation for the grant they give us that, with the support from our PTO, makes this swimming program possible. 


Morning Mile

Hello Parents! On Tuesdays and Thursdays we will be having our Morning Mile from 8:15am-8:35am. This will take place on the Track that encompasses our soccer field (if you get lost, just follow the music). Morning Mile is a time for parents, students, and teachers to share the enjoyment of physical activity prior to entering the learning environment. The outcome of this early morning movement is a student who is more attentive and engaged while in the classroom. In order to incentivize our students with a little extrinsic motivation, students are able to earn "Twinkle Toes" after completing a certain number of laps. I will be recording these laps, and Twinkle Toes will be awarded at the end of the month in the student's PE class. You can help them earn these cool prizes by participating along side your student during Morning Mile. Your laps will be added to your child's laps (effectively doubling their score). The hope is that by joining us on our runs, you will be demonstrating the importance of physical activity to your students. This importance and love for movement are the building blocks in which we can help make our students physically active for life. I hope to see you all at Morning Mile! – From Mr. A


Upcoming events

Fri, 9/6: Tular Campout

Sept 9-13: No Screens Week

Mon, Sept 16 @ 3:00: Popsicles with Peterson

Fri, Sept 27, 3:00-6:00: PTO Fall Festival

Wed, Oct 2 @ 6:00: PTO Meeting at CVCYC.  Childcare provided at Bobcat Hall during the meeting

Wed, Oct 9: Picture Makeup Day



Have a great weekend!

Ryan Peterson

Proud Principal, Tularcitos Elementary School

Nurturing Hearts, Expanding Minds, Inspiring Actions, Broadening Horizons.