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Posted by Kimberly Carley on 5/28/2019 3:10:00 PM

Good Afternoon Bobcat Families,


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  • Don’t Miss This
  • Ending Hunger in Monterey County
  • Important Next Year Registration Information
  • Father Daughter Family Dance Clarification
  • Dance Info
  • Library Books Due
  • Message from our PTO

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  • Only 12 Yearbooks Left

Upcoming Events


Ending Hunger in Monterey County – Food Drive

Thank you to everyone who brought in food for the food drive to help end hunger in Monterey County.  Way to go Bobcats!


Important Registration Information for Next Year:

1) Online Registration for Returning Students - (Parent Data Confirmation) 

Families have been asking, "Don't we usually register our returning students for next year about this time of year on Infosnap?" In previous years, that was true, but this year we are changing the annual online registration process from Infosnap to Aeries. In the new process, now called "Parent Data Confirmation," you'll register your returning students during the summer (unless they are entering Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten -- see Enrolling New Students below). We are planning to roll out Parent Data Confirmation in July and early August before the school year starts. 

In the new Parent Data Confirmation process, you will just log into Aeries and confirm or update the existing information about your child. You'll also acknowledge receipt of required annual notifications and policies -- and that's it! For Parents of CMS and CHS students, you'll use your existing Aeries account. For parents at other schools, you will set up an online account in Aeries and then access Parent Data Confirmation from there. We'll be sending full details by email in July.

2) Enrolling New Students, which includes all Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten 

The online enrollment window is now open for students who are new to the district. Our definition of "new" also includes all Transitional Kindergartners and Kindergartners, even if they have previously attended a district school. If you have a new student or TK/K student to enroll, please check with the school registrar, who will collect the information needed and then set you up to do online enrollment.

3) Proof of residency for incoming 6th and 9th graders 

May is still residency affidavit month for students who are changing schools, such as all incoming 6th and 9th graders. If you have not already submitted your proof of residency, you can find the instructions and forms here:


Father Daughter Family Dance Clarification

I have had a number of people approach me excited that we are doing a father daughter family dance, and a few also concerned about the fact that, because this is only for daughters, we are excluding boys and not valuing all relationships in the family equally.  People have very eloquently expressed how one of the aspects of Tular that they love is its inclusiveness in all of our events, so the fact that this dance is not including everyone and only highlights the father-daughter relationship does not match that characteristic of our school.  People have also asked where this dance came from.  I completely understand and really appreciate those concerns (I love that Tular is known as inclusive and valuing the entire family).  A little background for where this dance came from… Every year I get more requests for a Father Daughter dance than any other event we do not currently do.  So, when I was recently approached by people willing to put on a Father Daughter dance, I said yes and have been working with them to make the dance happen (this did not come from our PTO or our Tular Dad’s group).  Therefore, I have to take full responsibility for any hard feelings toward the dance and our school that this has caused.  I was excited to finally provide a dance that so many people have asked for over the years, and did not think through the excluding feelings that such a dance would cause.  I am sorry for that.  There was no intention to make mothers or sons feel excluded.  The hope was to celebrate daughters and fathers or other special relationships a daughter might have. I very much want our school to feel inclusive as so many have expressed.  If this dance opportunity had come up earlier in the year it would have been more of a discussion and my hope would have been that we could find people to put on something for sons and mothers as well so that we have events to celebrate both relationships.  Please know that when we start next year, we will be planning an event for sons and continuing to discuss this dance and other potential such events at our PTO meetings to determine how we want to move forward.  Again, I am sorry for, and take full responsibility for, any hard feelings this has caused.  I hope that this does not put a damper on the end of the year.  It has been a great year and I hope that everyone is able to celebrate that.  Please feel free to call me or email me with any concerns you have.


Dance Info

The Father Daughter Family dance will be May 31, 7:00-9:00 in Bobcat Hall. The goal of the dance is to celebrate the relationship between fathers and daughters. However, we realize that families look different for people. So whether our girls bring a father, uncle, grandfather, friend of family or any special person in their life, we invite all of the girls to attend. Between great music, dancing, and desserts, it should be a memorable, celebratory and fun-filled evening!  There is no charge for the dance because we want everyone to be able to attend, but we will be asking for a $10 donation to help cover the cost, as well as asking people to bring a dessert (that can be eaten with fingers – no cakes please) to contribute to the dessert table for everyone to enjoy.  A flier will be coming home next week with more information.  Any questions, please contact John Burton at



Library Books Due

All library books were due this week.  If you missed the deadline, make sure to bring them in Tuesday.



As we approach the last days of school, we are getting ready to bundle up the yearbooks for those who have purchased one.  We will STOP ALL SALES on May 31, 2019 so that we can bundle them up for class distribution on Wednesday (5th Graders) and Thursday (K – 4th).  Should you not order one before that date, you may still purchase one on the LAST day of school.  The price will then be $20.00 (subject to availability – we have 13 left) and must be picked up in the office.



Message from our PTO

Thank you to everyone who volunteered in our PTO this year.  We had a lot of fun supporting Tularcitos students and staff and helping build our community.  At our meeting on Wednesday we voted in our board for next year.  They are:   President Heaven Tempalski, VP Lauren Robertson, Secretary Gina Nucci Hincks, Treasurer Lauren Collins, and Room Parent Liaison Hilary Hamilton.  Thank you to all of you for stepping up again this coming year.  Next year we will be looking for people to shadow our board to learn about all they do and then step into those roles the following year.  We hope you have a great end to the school year and look forward to working with all of you again next year to keep Tularcitos the amazing school that it is. 


Repeat in this Email

Only 12 Yearbooks left to sell

FYI.  We only have 12 yearbooks left to sell.  We have closed the online ordering system so if you still wish to purchase a yearbook, please drop by the office an submit an order form along with your $15 payment.  Don’t wait because the cost goes up to $20 on the last days of school if we have any left to purchase.


Tular Art on Display at CV Library

Congratulations to Marisa, Phoebe, Maia, Breanna, Izabell, Siena, Stalla, and Nina who have their creative artwork on display from May 1-25 at the CV Library.  These talented art students are part of Cherie Rousseaus’s after school enrichment class.  Thank you for supporting these students and visual arts in our schools.


Upcoming events

Mon, May 27: No School for Memorial Day

Thurs, May 30 @ 7:00: 4th and 5th grade Spring Music Concert

Fri, May 31 @ 7:00: Father Daughter Family Dance

Thurs, June 6th @ 9:00: 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Fri, June 7th: Last Day of School. Students released @ 12:30


Enjoy the long weekend,


Ryan Peterson

Proud Principal, Tularcitos Elementary School

Nurturing Hearts, Expanding Minds, Inspiring Actions, Broadening Horizons.

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