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Posted by Elaine Eldridge on 12/21/2018



Good Afternoon Bobcat Families,


I hope that you have a wonderful vacation with family and loved ones.  Remember to tell them you love them.  We’ll see you back Tuesday, Jan 8. Happy Holidays!


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  • Don’t Miss This
  • Screen Time Ideas for Vacation
  • Another Adorable Angel Band
  • Change in 5th Grade Science Fair
  • Tular Dads
  • Message from our PTO

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  • PE Dance Unit – From Mr. A

Upcoming Events


Don’t Miss This

  • Winter Break: Dec 24 – Jan 7
  • Monday, Jan 7, 2019: No school for teacher professional development
  • Tuesday, Jan 8: First day back from break


Screen Time Ideas for Vacation

Navigating the tricky waters of screen time can be especially challenging during the long winter break. Here is a great blog post about how to manage screen time during vacation: In this post, blogger Julia Storm shares strategies to deal with stay-at-home vacations, destination vacations, large family gatherings, and playing with screens in a new way.  Julia Storm is a Los Angeles-based Digital Media Parenting Educator and founder of ReConnect, a whole child and whole family approach to preparing kids for life in the Digital Age.  Enjoy.


Another Adorable Angel Band

Our kindergarteners put on a precious Angel Band performance last night for the parents and this morning for our students.  Thank you to all of the kindergarteners, and especially their teachers, for blessing us with some great songs, big smiles, and wonderful memories.  Today, the entire school got to be kindergarteners again and sing the Pinata song together.  It was so wonderful to look at everyone and see smiles on all of the faces and to be like kindergarteners again.  What a great school we have! 


Change in 5th Grade Science Fair

We are trying something new with our 5th grade science fair this year.  Rather than having the students do experiments at home, we are going to offer students the choice of four different experiments to do here at school.  They will then be going through the scientific process here at school and presenting during the day.  This way our students can go through this meaningful experience and you do not have to do anything at home with it.   We are hoping this will be more developmentally appropriate for our students, and we hope they will walk away with a good foundation in the scientific method and confidence in how to conduct a science experiment.


Tular Dads – Movie Night Coming in January

We had our first meeting last night.  Thank you to all the dads that came out (and to those interested but couldn’t because or prior commitments).  The first event the Dads will be putting on will be a Pajama Movie Night for Tular families in Bobcat Hall on Friday, January 25.  The whole family is welcome, or dads can come with the kids and give moms some time to themselves.  Put it on your calendars now.  Tular Dads will be meeting again on Thursday, Jan 10, at the Carmel Valley Wine House.  Those interested in helping with the movie night will be meeting at 5:30, and when the planning is done we’ll be hanging out until 7:30 socializing. We hope to see as many dads there to either help plan the movie night or just come and hang out.


Message from our PTO

We hope that everyone has a wonderful winter break.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, Jan 17, at 6:00 pm.  Place TBD.


Repeat in this Email

PE Dance Unit – From Mr. A

As you most likely know, after Thanksgiving we started a dance unit in PE. This is the first time we have done dance at Tularcitos.  Dance is a unit that has always had a little bit of hesitation from students, myself included growing up, so I wanted to give some information on why it is important to teach a dance unit in elementary school. Whether it is square dance, for 1st & 2nd, or swing dance, for 3rd-5th, there is an enormous amount of social development involved with dancing. One of my main emphasis in the unit is respect and how to treat your peers with respect. This includes how to ask another student to dance, proper hand hold, looking and smiling at your partner while dancing, and showing gratitude to your peer after the dance. In addition to the social development, there is a strong correlation that dance prior to studying helps with cognitive retention. Performing an activity that is physically engaging, but also requires thought and a knowledge of movements, has an impressive effect on the brain. Hormones and proteins, such as BDNF, are released during activities that involve a mind-body connection, just like dancing. Students are becoming more physically active and improving cognitive retention... sounds like a win win to me! My main justification for teaching swing dance in upper grades instead of sticking with square dance is the prevalence of using swing dance as they become adults. Yes I would love to teach the 5th graders how to do the Grand Square, but there are not very many social events off the top of my head where I see people busting out the allemandes and promenades. On the other hand, swing music is often played at weddings, graduation parties, etc. Having the confidence and knowledge to be able to do the basic step and a few simple turns during these social events is not only impressive, it gives them more opportunities to become physically active as they grow up. If you have any questions or concerns, email me anytime. Thank you! 


Upcoming events

Dec 24-Jan 7: Winter Break

Tues, Jan 8: First day back from break

Thurs, Jan 10 @ 5:30: Tular Dads meeting at CV Wine House

Thurs, Jan 17 @ 6:00: PTO Meeting.  Place TBD

Tues, Jan 22 @ 3:15 – Talent Show Auditions

Fri, Jan 25 at night: Tular Movie Night


Upcoming School Board Meetings (see district website for more information)

Jan 16, 2019 @ Carmel Middle School

Feb 13 @ Tularcitos

Mar 13 @ CMS Portable 1


Happy Holidays!


Ryan Peterson

Proud Principal, Tularcitos Elementary School

Nurturing Hearts, Expanding Minds, Inspiring Actions, Broadening Horizons.