Tuesday, Mar 2, 2021

Posted by Shannon Hugo on 3/2/2021

Dear CUSD Families and Staff,

At the special meeting Friday, February 26, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved the Letter of Agreement with the selected search firm, Hazard, Young, Attea, & Associates (HYA).  The HYA representatives, Dr. Valerie Pitts and Max McGee, also conducted a planning session with the Board; discussing timelines and other search components.  

The first phase of the search process is to engage the community at large, as well as teachers, staff and parents. The “Engage” phase of the process involves gathering information through a variety of methods, individual interviews, a community survey, focus groups and community forums. This work, which is slated to run from March 1 to 12,  will result in the recommendation of a Leadership Profile. The Board discussed the need for broad community input and active outreach to stakeholders from the different areas of the District. All stakeholders will be provided an opportunity to complete a CUSD Superintendent Search survey starting next week through March 12, 2021.  Additionally, the HYA consultants provided their contact information so that stakeholders can reach out to them individually during the course of the process. 

Their contact information is:

Max McGee                maxmcgee@hyasearch.com          224.234.6129
Dr. Valerie Pitts           valeriepitts@hyasearch.com          831.332.5126

We have concurrently launched the “Recruit” phase of the search process. Starting on Tuesday, February 27, 2021, the position was advertised through ACSA’s online Career Center and in print in ACSA’s EdCal publication on Monday, March 1, 2021. This phase will run for the month of March and will include active recruitment of candidates along with advertising efforts.  

During the special meeting, the Board also discussed the “Select” phase; where candidates are selected and interviewed. There was consensus that the Board would like to ensure the search is done expeditiously, while maintaining the integrity of all of the components. The Board also indicated that they would like each candidate to respond to written prompts as a part of the application process.

As we continue to move ahead with the search, we look forward to further engaging our district and our community. 

We welcome you to join us via Zoom for our upcoming meetings in March where updates will be provided:

March 10th - regular board meeting 4:30 closed session / 5:30 open session
March 19th - special open session meeting - HYA presentation of Leadership Profile

Sara Hinds, Board President
Tess Arthur, Board Clerk