Friday, December 18,2020

Posted by Cathleen Rice on 12/19/2020

Happy Friday CMS Families!  

Happy Friday, Happy Break, Happy End of the Second Quarter, and Happy New Year!

 We are now half way through the 2020-21 School Year and, when classes resume on Tuesday, January 5th we’ll open the 3rd quarter!  Even in these strange times, time is flying by!

 As we move toward the end of 2020 it’s tough to find the words to capture the collective experience we’ve all been through.  Positivity in the face of challenge can be hard to find, but I believe that our students and teachers have been able to uplift and support each other through this experience.  As we move into 2021 I want to leave everyone with some inspiration I received this morning from our Early Morning PE and 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Jake Glazier.  This morning Jake had his students write the following letter to themselves.  I think this is a great way to empower our students in a reflective manner and I want to thank Mr. Glazier for providing this opportunity to his students and for allowing me to steal his idea and share it with everyone.  I’ll leave you with this “Letter to Me” (and the announcements below) and wish you all a wonderful holiday season.  Stay safe and healthy! We look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021!

 A Letter to ME...

 Dear  ME, 

Well, here we are.  The last school day of 2020.

You made it!  You should be proud of yourself!  

This year you experienced a pandemic, distance learning, fires and more!  

It was a different year than any other.

Even though it might have been your most difficult year yet, here you are.

Still standing.  Still smiling.

In between all of those hard times, there were good times too!

Life slowed down a bit.  You got to spend time at home with your loved ones.  

You got to do school in your jammies.  You got to sleep in a bit.  

You had the opportunity to be grateful for all that you have.

Remember all those lessons on the importance of grit and perseverance?  

Yeah, pretty sure you developed a bit of that this year.

2020 tried to defeat you.  But 2020 doesn’t know who it’s messing with!

You, my friend, survived. THRIVED!

In the face of the biggest adversity of our lifetime, you came out on top.

Remember that.  Always.  

You are strong.  You are mighty.  You are powerful.

Whatever comes your way, you got this.

So here’s to you, my friend.  



(Your name)


CMS Distance Learning Students of the Quarter: Each quarter we ask teachers to nominate a student who has exhibited excellence in a broad or specific category.  Sometimes these nominations are based on citizenship, academic performance, academic growth, and/or other important qualities we honor.  Sometimes, like this quarter, nominations are based on a combination of traits.  This quarter we are proud to honor students who have demonstrated, “All Around Awesomeness!”


We have successfully completed our 2nd Quarter and the first half of our academic school year! The CMS teachers would like to acknowledge their All Around Awesomeness students for this quarter.  This was a difficult decision as there are so many.  Please join me in congratulating the following students:


6th Grade:  Jasmine Abrajan, Aspen Ashe, Simon Bachir, Jaden Bajari, Cade Beitscher, Hallie Crabbe, Dylan Dpenha, Noami Foudy, Janessa Fuentez, Joshua Gardner, Brianna Glass, Georges Guerree, Ruby Iranmanesh, Seain King, Grayson Marsh, Milena Meyers, Analeiha Mora Plascencia, Hayden Murillo, Riley Nothhelfer, Chloe Peelman, Nikolas Rachuna, Lucas Rocha, Liam Rodrigues, Cameran Roxas, Juan Soriano-Garcia, Lily Stenvick, Devon Wells and Milan Zobenica.


7th Grade:  Mason Bahu, Esme Beesley, Nili Biblarz, Liliana Biggs, Ava Cassady, Yoshi Cole, Michael Dowse, Rowan Fogg, Samantha Hart, Megan Ikemiya, Kyler Jedinak, Claire Kim, Tullah McColl, Tasuku Nagashima, Juliet Norman, Ian Phillips, Anna Prescott, Charles Pretzinger, Nathan Savoie and Ava Staehle.


8th Grade:  Elizabeth Chan, Sebastian Danielson, Jonathan Elazar, Maura Guzzi, Savannah Harris, Sophia Kemmerly, Tallinn Loberg, Jadyn Lome, Lola Marciano, Lillian Mendez, Mackenzie Nesbitt, Bella Ortega, Tristan Paquelier, Bella Rocha, Marlee Snider, Samantha Szamos, Minna Trokel, Sophie Weaver, Lauren  Williams and Maddox Zarazua.



Food Bank Still Accepting Donations: As a reminder, each year, Carmel Middle School is proud to be a part of the Food Bank for Monterey County’s Holiday Canned Food Drive. However, since we are not on campus, we cannot collect cans to donate to our neighbors in need. Instead of collecting cans, if you and your family are able to help this holiday season, the leadership class is asking you to consider donating to the Food Bank for Monterey County. According to the Food Bank, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the demand for food has increased by 400%. The Food Bank is now serving 60,000 families every month. All of the details regarding donations can be found on our CMS website or directly on the Food Bank for Monterey County's website. We appreciate any help you can offer. Go Cougars!


Battle of the Books 2021: The 16th annual CMS Battle of the Books, won’t take place until April, but the title list is available now so that eager readers can get a head start and a leg up on the competition. The Battle of the Books is a reading competition during which students compete in teams of four to answer trivia questions based on twelve selected books. With four students per team and twelve books to read, some teams divide up the reading so each student only needs to read three titles. However, in the past the most successful BoB teams proved to be those where nearly everyone on the team had read most of the books on the list. The Battle is totally voluntary, and kids have an opportunity to win prizes while reading and having fun as a team in an academic competition. For the title list and more information, visit the Battle of the Books website. Contact Mrs. Thompson or Mrs. Jeffries in the library with any questions.  For updated BoB information, join our Google Classroom with the joincode: b4232ey


Attention Students: Want to hang out and have some fun with friends? If you are looking for ways to connect & relieve stress, please join the School Counseling Google Classroom (class code: gilvo4f )!  We host weekly nonacademic activities on Tuesdays & Thursdays and the times we meet rotate each week between 12:15, 1:15, & 2:15 PM.  We’re playing fun, interactive games and hope to get more students involved.  Come join us and invite a friend!

TUESDAYS - Connecting with other & learning helpful strategies!

THURSDAYS - Playing a variety of fun board games! 

All are Welcome!!! 


Attention 7th & 8th graders: As we enter into the last leg of second quarter, please note that if you are interested in applying for CJSF (the California Junior Scholarship Federation) your second quarter final grades will be used for acceptance into this program. If you pride yourself on scholastic achievement and community service, please consider joining CJSF at the end of quarter two. 


*We needed to push back the date for when you can apply for CJSF. Applications will need to be submitted between January 7th and January 15th. A google form application will be made available beginning on January 7.  


On behalf of all the staff at CMS we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

See you in 2021!!!