Friday, August 16, 2019

Posted by Cathleen Rice on 8/16/2019 3:00:00 PM

Good afternoon CMS families and happy Friday,

We’ve had a fantastic opening week here at CMS and we hope that your students have come home excited about their middle school experience so far this year. 

There are several important items for you this week so please read this letter thoroughly.

Minimum Day on Friday: This Friday is a minimum day and school ends at 12:00.  Buses run at 12:15 and we kindly ask that all students leave campus by 12:30.  From 1:00 – 3:30 CMS will be involved in a staff development session so no student supervision is available.  Please arrange to pick up your child no later than 12:30 on Friday.  Thank you!

Sports Sign Ups for Fall Sports: If you want to try out for soccer, cross country, or volleyball you must register on Sportsnet.  Use the links below (Ctrl+Click) to register or update registration.  Sportsnet registration closes on August 22nd.  Soccer and volleyball tryouts begin on Monday, August 26th.  Cross country begins on Tuesday, September 4th.  If you have any questions or need help getting your child registered for sports tryouts, please contact Cathleen Rice in the front office or via email a

New Students 

Just click on the following link and you are able to quickly and easily create a sportsnet account. Please have your students 10 digit Student ID # in order to register. This number is located on CMS Aeries portal. To begin you must first click on CREATE ACCOUNT. You will need to fill out the forms in one visit so please allow about 10 minutes to complete the online process. Once this has been completed, your student will be cleared to play.


Returning Students 

Just click on the following link  and you may EDIT existing registration by adding student and parent signatures or any other pertinent information. 


Drop Off Shelves for Forgotten Items: We’ve had a few questions about delivering items to students during class.  Due to the number of items dropped off during the school day, we do not deliver personal items to class.  On any given school day we might receive anywhere from 15-30 items with the request to deliver them to a student in class.  This is simply too disruptive to our learning environment.  To help maintain classes with minimal disruptions, we ask that parents drop off the things a student might forget on the shelves in our front office.  We remind students to check these shelves if they’ve forgotten anything.  Please let your child know that if they forget anything, they can call you from the office and, if you can, you’ll drop it off in the office on our shelves.  The only exceptions we make to this rule are for medication (delivered to/by our nurse), prescription glasses, Chromebooks, and other items essential for survival or the educational process.  Notably missing from this list is lunch.  While daily and regular intake of food is critical we do not deliver lunches to students.  As lunches are the most common item dropped off, please let your student know that if they forget their lunch, they should ALWAYS check the shelves.  Second, if no lunch has been delivered, please have them go to the cafeteria and ask to charge a lunch on their account.  Food service allows for a small number of meals to be charged.  Finally, if the lunch they attempt to charge is denied for any reason, please have your student come find me or Mrs. Kasper and we will help take care of the situation. 

East Coast Trip – 3 Spots Left!  The annual, parent-led, East Coast trip currently has three remaining student spots open.  If you’re new to CMS, missed this opportunity last year, and/or missed out on the Lava Beds trip, this trip is a phenomenal way to spend a week with your 8th grade friends.  The East Coast Trip departs from CMS October 13, 2019 and returns October 19, 2019. The trip includes visits to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Amish Country, and Washington D.C. Participants must register and pay in full no later than August 30th. Contact Kris Lehman ASAP at 831-333-6338 to sign up for trip. 

The Week Ahead

We’re very busy at CMS for the next two weeks and although I’ve detailed much of next week below, please take a look at the Calendar at the bottom of this email for events scheduled the week of August 26th – August 30th.  Back to School Night is Wednesday, August 28th, from 5:30 – 8:00. 

7th and 8th Grade Locker Request Day – Monday at Lunch: During lunch on Monday we will be passing out locks to any 7th or 8th grade student who requests a locker.  If you are a 7th or 8th grade student and feel that you need a locker, look for the locker request table near the library in the main quad at lunch.  Sign up for your locker at the table, check out your lock, and you’ll have your space for the year. 

Locker Security Reminder: For safety and security purposes, all lockers must have a CMS issued lock.  Students assigned to lockers without a CMS issued lock will be notified to replace their lock with a CMS issued lock.  Failure to keep a CMS issued lock on lockers will result in the lock being cut and loss of locker privileges.  As our goal is to keep all students safe, it is important that all locks be the CMS issued variety.  Thank you for your understanding.

Grade Level Talks: Next week Mrs. Kasper and I will be delivering our annual Grade Level Talks to all students.  6th grade students will get the long version during their afternoon PE classes on Monday.  7th and 8th grade students will get a slightly modified version on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5th period, in our theater.  During these talks, we review the basic rules and expectations at CMS while covering a variety of topics and “what if” situations.  At the end of each presentation, students will have the opportunity to ask any school related, appropriate questions they might have.

6th Grade Anti-Bullying Curriculum: On Wednesday, the Counseling and Administrative teams will visit each 6th grade CORE class to deliver our Anti-Bullying curriculum.  During this presentation, we will dive into the CMS mission of creating a school environment that is safe and welcome for all students.  We discuss the treatment of others, various types of harassment and bullying, what to do if/when you, a friend, or a peer, are in a negative situation, and who to go to for help.  Our presentation features small segments of anti-bullying videos produced by Human Relations Media and designed specifically for middle school students.  The presentations are interactive, involve much student discussion and communication, and last approximately 1.5 hours. 

Emergency Evacuation Drill: On Friday, CMS will engage all students in our emergency evacuation drill.  This drill is designed to simulate a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or a fire, which requires the evacuation of students from the main campus into a safe area that offers the opportunity to contain our student body.  CMS uses the tennis courts on the west side of campus for this purpose and this area would become our student release center in the event of a large-scale natural disaster disabling campus buildings and our front office.  Our drill will last approximately 40 minutes and students will be escorted from their classes to our rear fields and then on to the tennis courts where we will practice our student accountability measures. Practicing this drill early in the school year ensures that students know and understand the process we use to keep them safe in the event of an emergency so your child’s attendance for this drill is very important to us. In addition, please note that our school resource officer will be on site and you may see additional emergency vehicles on our property before and during this drill. In addition, as our front office is closed, we ask that, if necessary, you pick up your students well prior to the beginning of this drill (before 11:00).  Once the drill begins, the release of students for early pick up will be significantly slower (up to 20 minutes or more).  Please plan any early pick-up around the timing of our drill for your own convenience. 

Additional Announcements

After School Play:  Calling all actors and actresses!  Mrs. Stadille is in search of the next great class of CMS performers and with the fall play coming soon, it’s time to get to work.  No prior experience needed and all grade levels are welcome.  Come on out and see if you have a hidden talent waiting to erupt!  Lunchtime meetings coming soon.  Pay attention to the morning announcements for more info.

Thursday is CMS Spirit Day: Proudly wear your CMS spirit wear or school colors and drop by the Leadership Spirit Table to pick up Cougar Bucks.  Cougar Bucks serve as our school’s currency and may be used in our student store on Fridays throughout the year.  Show some spirit and score some Cougar Bucks each and every Thursday. 

PE Clothes: PE clothing sales will continue to take place in the student store or front office.  Dress down days are coming soon!  Make sure you have your PE gear!

Calendar (Upcoming Events)
22. Fall Sports Registration - Sportsnet closes at 5:00 p.m.
23. Big Emergency Drill, 11:20 - 12:00, Minimum Day, School dismissed at 12:00
26. Kickoff to Serve A Thon
26.- 30 Fall Sports Tryouts - Volleyball and Soccer
28. Back to School Night, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
30. 8th Grade OHANA DAY

2. No School / Labor Day Holiday
4. Cross Country begins
6. Back to School Dance, CMS Gym, 6:00-8:00
15 - 20. 8th Grade Lava Bed Trip
17-20. 7th Grade MBOE
26. Monterey Jazz Festival and Lunch Concert, Monterey Fairgrounds 10:55 - 12:55 p.m.

1. Fall Strings Concert, CMS Theater, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
8. CMS: Fall Conferences and Minimum Day, school dismissed at 12:00
10. Conference Night 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
14. - 18. October Break
23. Picture Retake Day
24. Fall Choir Concert, CHS Performing Arts Center 7:00 - 9:00 p.m
25. Halloween Dance, CMS Gym, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
28. - 31. Red Ribbon Week