Monday morning announcements

Posted by Jay Marden on 2/22/2021 9:40:00 AM

Good Morning River Parents,

Please click on the following link for this week's student announcements with Mr. Otter:
Very big news!!!
While we await formal word that we may resume part time, in-person instruction, as a county our adjusted case rates of COVID have trended consistently in the right direction that should make a return to school possible in the next couple of weeks. While I wish this meant that we could invite all the students back to school at once, our education program must be in a "hybrid" model because we still must maintain, per California Department of Public Health guidelines, six feet of distance between students in classrooms. Regardless, this does mean that we are planning to bring those students whose parents chose the in-person option for two days a week of instruction beginning on Monday, March 8. I will add that no school district on the peninsula is prepared to bring students back so quickly. 
To refresh parents' minds in terms of what the hybrid model will entail, I will host a Zoom presentation this Thursday at 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. The meeting will focus on the in-person program and not distance learning for families that have decided to remain in that optionIt is important, however, for ALL parents to be aware that a significant percentage of students will change teachers as a result of the distance learning and in-person options made available -this is unavoidable. The best example I can provide is that if a teacher remains in distance learning and their families choose in-person instruction, then there obviously must be a change in teacher assignment. 
It is imperative that families who have chosen the in-person option attend the Zoom meeting to be fully aware of the protocols that must be followed as a result of the change to in-person instruction. As a reminder, students in the hybrid/in-person model will attend school either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Much of what will be shared is the result of COVID safety precautions that must be followed. The meeting will be recorded as well for any parent who cannot attend this Thursday's Zoom to view at a later time.
The following dates and schedule reflect how we will transition to our new classes:
March 1 - teachers meet with current classes in distance learning
March 2 - teachers meet with current classes for last time in distance learning
March 3 - specialists will host a specialist "extravaganza," a menu of classes for student to participate in will be distributed/communicated as the teachers take the day to create new Google Classrooms for their new classes and tech. programs are updated/changed during the day
March 4 - teachers will meet with their new classes in distance learning
March 5 - teachers will meet with their new classes in distance learning
March 8 - teachers and students who remain in distance learning continue,
teachers and students who will participate in the in-person model begin instruction at school
The new teacher/classroom assignments will be communicated this Friday afternoon, February 26, including the days students will attend school each week in the hybrid/in-person model.
It is important to note that if the county or state communicates any late directive that postpones our plan to start on March 8, then we will still proceed with the above plan including change of teacher assignments so that we are able to pivot very quickly when any such potential edict is lifted.  
Parent/Teacher Conferences by request only
Given that we are busy preparing for the transition to new classes, teachers will only host conferences for those parents who make a request directly of the teacher during the week of March 8-12. Teachers, however, are completing assessments and report cards during the transition to document student performance. Report Cards will still be shared with parents. Additionally, instead of conducting conferences with all parents, each teacher will complete a profile of each student who is leaving their class to join another teacher/class. The profile will focus on each student's academic and socio-emotional strengths and challenges to assist the new teachers in understanding their performance and needs. 
Have a great week, and please reach out to me or your child's teacher if you have any questions.
Jay Marden