Carmel River School News

Posted by Jay Marden on 4/20/2020 8:00:00 AM

Good Morning River Parents,
As I've been sharing recently with your families, we start every Monday morning at River School with student announcements. If you'll please share this week's announcements with your children I'd be most appreciative:
I hope you were able to unplug for a while this past week and enjoy downtime with your children. This week, we're back to school as teachers and students will resume their studies. As you're aware, one of the principle tools that teachers are using to communicate with students is Zoom. As educators, we're periodically asked questions about Zoom, which range from what its capabilities are to what privacy safeguards does the company employ as students and teachers engage the tool. Below is a link to an excellent resource "Common Sense Media" that answers many of these questions. I encourage you to take a few minutes to review:
Communication is the key
It is my sincere hope that parents are adjusting to the demands of overseeing their children's education. This does not mean that home instruction is free of frustration; we recognize as educators and fellow parents the trials posed by distance learning. Regardless, it is my belief that consistent and supportive communication, more than anything, is what will define whether the experience is relatively successful for families and teachers. I encourage parents to communicate directly with teachers about any socio-emotional or education based need; they are available and desire to assist your child. This is a journey we travel together, and it's my hope that when it's over we'll reflect on how supportive we were of one another when we navigated these unchartered waters. Remain positive, thankful and optimistic about what blessings we can celebrate in our lives. It is a privilege to work through these trying times with you. 
Parent input for class placement next year
Annually, in the month of April, parents are encouraged to provide the school with feedback about what characteristics they desire for their child in a classroom learning environment for the following year.  Please know that parent input is one of many criteria that we rely on when staff places students. Please focus, in writing, on the learning environment and do not list particular teachers or friends of children. Both requests are not considered during the process. What are the criteria that are balanced during the process? Boy/Girl ratio, academic performance, socio-emotional behavior, life skills, study skills, and special needs. Be sure to submit the form by this Wednesday, April 22, no late forms will be accepted.
Kindergarten registration for next school year
If you have a child who will be attending kindergarten next school year, please email Connie Weilenmann, our registrar, to start the process:
Miss Becca Show goes out this week!
This week, we will send you the Miss Becca Show (talent show) video for all River families to enjoy. Many thanks to Karey Shafer, Katie Enea and Stacy Meheen for their work on compiling the videos for the show. We hope all of our students will enjoy the production. 
Spirit Day this Friday!
One can't predict the weather with great accuracy, but let's be optimistic and believe the forecast for this Friday will come to pass, which is for warmth and sunshine. It'll be a great day, therefore, for a Spirit Day, so let's dress in all things YELLOW! It is a cheery and sunny color, and I challenge our students to dress in all things/themes associated with yellow. Email me your photo, and we'll choose a most spirited, yellow attired student at each grade level. 
Have a great week!
Jay Marden
Carmel River School Principal