Minutes from 10-01-2014 Meeting

Tularcitos Elementary School PTO

Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2014


President Robyn Rauh called meeting to order at 8:50am. Monthly PTO meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 8:40am in Bobcat Hall.


Robyn introduced herself. Everyone introduced himself or herself and what grades their kids were in.


Balclutha Update-Three students from Mr. Bonyge’s class read their reports on whether or not next years students should go on the field trip. The class spent the night on board the Balclutha Ship. The students learned all about running a ship in 1906. They were so busy they didn’t even miss their electronic devices! The students learned all about teamwork. The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves and encouraged students next year to go.


Principal’s Report-Principal Ryan Peterson introduced himself. Principal Peterson announced there are approximately 503 students in the school.


No Screens Week was a huge success! There was more participation than last year. Parents emailed with how much they enjoyed the family time with their kids.


On Tuesday, there was a California History Alive assembly for the school. Students dressed up as early California miners and cowboys. The students really enjoyed learning about the history of our state.


There is a new logo for Tularcitos! Parents can order anything from blankets to t-shirts online! More information will be posted soon.


Treasurer’s Report- This month new school directories brought in income of $85 and After School Enrichment program brought in $16,598, which is used to pay the enrichment teachers and coordinator.  Expenses this month included paying for the 5th Grade Balclutha Trip and new music instruments. 


Minutes Approval-Ola Rocha made a motion to approve minutes from September 2014 Meeting. Unanimous vote was made to approve minutes.


Fall Festival-This year’s Festival will include, Spirit Wear for sale, cake walk, bounce house, Kiwanis train rides, food, DJ music and lots of game booths. Set up starts Thursday at 3pm. Please bring cakes for the Cake Walk to Room 31.


Yearbook-This year’s Coordinators are Pia Garneau and Linnea Terrranova. Photo Coordinators are still needed! This person will be responsible for taking pictures of class at every class trip and activity. Any parent wishing to contribute pictures can bring in flash drive, cd or use Drop Box. 5th Grade memory pages can be bought either online or submit a form. Sponsors are needed for the yearbook! Sponsors can be a person or a business! This is great advertising for any business! Yearbooks will be on sale for pre-order until December 20th for $10 and then $15 after deadline.


Escrip-This year parents can use Amazon as part of Escrip! Go to the Amazon web site to designate Tularcitos. Room-Parents need to encourage parents to give Safeway Club Card #.  Sign up is free and can be done at any Safeway or on Safeway web site.


Ways & Means-The committee recently met to discuss requests for funds. A total of $6,820 in funds was requested. Mrs. Direnzo asked for a roller coaster motion kit. Mr. Short asked for a violin rack to store violins. The Library asked for new rolling carts for books. The 1st Grade asked for art drying racks and insect kits. Mrs. Redding asked for new cd/cassette player and noise cancelation headphones. Mrs. Southerland asked for books for classroom library and magna tiles for geometry unit. Mrs. Morgan asked for a globe, maps and noise cancelation headphones. Mrs. Stallcup asked for art drying rack. Mrs. Weist asked for fabric pocket folders for back of chairs. The PTO asked for new refrigerator in the kitchen. A unanimous vote was made to pay for these requests.


Bucks for Bobcats-This year’s campaign will be Nov. 3-14. There will be a pizza and ice cream party for the class with most participation! Encourage students to participate and bring in any amount, even a quarter!


FOCUS-Friends of Carmel Unified Schools-Organization raises money and purchases items for schools such as laptops, digital cameras, and science lab equipment. The annual fund-raiser this year is November 14th at Quail Lodge. Please contact Cindy Schroeder if you are interested in joining.



Upcoming Events:

                               Pastries with Peterson-October 22nd at 8:45am. Casual coffee

                               and pastries with Principal Peterson. Chat with other parents and

                               get to know our principal.


                                 FOCUS Fall Back Bash-November 14th at Quail Lodge


                                 Bucks for Bobcats-November 3-14



Meeting adjourned at 10:10am by President Robyn Rauh.