Minutes from 05-07-2014 Meeting

Tularcitos Elementary School PTO

Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2014


President Robyn Rauh called meeting to order at 8:48am. Robyn introduced herself and announced Principal Peterson is absent. Baby Katherine Audrey Peterson was born!


4th Grade Field Trip-Recently the 4th Grade took a field trip to the Santa Cruz Mountains. The kids learned all about gold mining, how to collect gold and how to make corn husk dolls. The kids learned a great deal about teamwork and seemed to have lots of fun.


Treasurer’s Report- This month eScrip brought in income of $1,446 and the Spring Fling made a profit of $23,834. Expenses this month included Yearbook for $545 and Spring Fling for $4,870. Cindy Schroeder presented the budget for 2014-2015 School Year. Christy made a motion to approve the new budget. Unanimous vote was made to approve new budget. Thank you Cindy for everything you have done this year! We greatly appreciate it!


Minutes Approval-Emily Frew made a motion to approve minutes from April 2014 Meeting. Unanimous vote was made to approve minutes.


Spring Fling-Thank you to Joy Smith for coordinating a successful Spring Fling! Thank you to Michelle Bevard for the Decorations! Everyone enjoyed themselves! The food was delicious and the silent auction was a success! There was a surprise performance of three belly dancers.


Hospitality-Many parents donated food so the teachers could enjoy a nice lunch on Wednesday. Thank you to all the parents who donated food. Bobcat Hall was turned into a nice dining room where the teachers came to enjoy delicious lunch on Friday. The   teachers enjoyed themselves and really appreciated the lunch. Thank you teachers for all you do!


Open House and BBQ is Tuesday, May 20th. Information and help sign ups will be posted soon.


Art Docent- Art Docent is focusing on preparing for the Open House and Art Show. There have been several discussions on how to improve the program. Suggestions include having a Lead Docent for each grade level and provide a stipend to Lead Docent for $1,000.  Under the Lead Docent will be Assistant Docents for each class. More information and results will be announced in the upcoming month. Thank you to Sally Voss for all your hard work this year!


Yearbook-This year’s Coordinators are Pia Garneau and Linnea Terrranova. The committee is looking to sell 125 more yearbooks! The price is $15.





2014-2015 PTO Board Officers- This is the last year for Andrea Jarvis as Vice President. Thank you for all your hard work! You are greatly appreciated! Nominees for next year’s Board include:

President- Robyn Rauh             Vice President- Ola Rocha

Secretary-Stephanie Miller        Treasurer-Cindy Schroeder


Unanimous vote to approve new officers. Congratulations!



Upcoming Events:  May 20    Open House and BBQ

                                  May 23     End of Year Pool Party


Meeting adjourned at 9:57am by President Robyn Rauh.