Minutes from 03-05-2014 Meeting

Tularcitos Elementary School PTO



Meeting Minutes



March 5, 2014




President Robyn Rauh called meeting to order at 8:48am. Robyn introduced herself and everyone introduced himself or herself and what grades their kids were in.




LCAP Presentation-Superintendent Marvin Biasotti and Curriculum and Instruction Director Edmund Gross presented to the Board LCAP information. Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a new method for funding California schools. Funds are distributed to California state schools based on the number of English Learners, low income families, and foster youth. Our school district doesn’t apply to these funds because our district is a basic aid district and get funds from property taxes. CUSD is in the midst of collecting parent input and writing its Local Control Accountability Plan.  Please view the school district web site for more information.




Treasurer’s Report- This month eScrip brought in income of $1,443, Bucks for Bobcats brought in $180, and Yearbook brought in $805.  Expenses this month included Art Docent for $1,728.




Principal’s Report-Principal Ryan Peterson introduced himself. There are approximately 483 students in attendance at the school. Conference Week starts March 10th. Please be aware that this week are minimum days and school will be let out at 12:30pm. 




This year the STAR test will be replaced by the SBAC Field Test. The Field Test is scheduled for week of April 22nd. District Writing Day will also be week of CST Field Test. All students will be participating in Writing Day and teachers will score them.




Minutes Approval-Emily Frew made a motion to approve minutes from February 2014 Meeting. Unanimous vote was made to approve minutes.




Ways & Means Committee- This committee meets several times a year to determine if PTO will fund requests from teachers and others that are not in the PTO budget. Kindergarten requested for monies to purchase dvds so all VHS tapes can be converted to dvd. Mrs. Morgan requested monies to purchase care products for the class guinea pig. Mrs. Sutherland requested monies to purchase students stress balls and stress cords. A request bid was placed to paint murals on school walls. Monies were requested for mobile bin unit for the Lost & Found. PTO has a CD and would like to donate $14,000 to Operation Padre. A vote was taken and there was an approval  by majority vote to approve these requests.




Talent show-Thank you to Joy Smith for coordinating the First Annual Talent Show. The Talent show was fun and the kids really put effort into their performances.




Reading Week-Approximately 100 students attended Reading Night. Guest readers included Principal Ryan Peterson, retired teacher Beth Lawn, Monterey County Sheriff and Firefighter Lou Valdez. Thank you to Robyn Rauh for helping provide refreshments and snacks. The ice cream party was March 4th for those students who participated in No Screens for Ice Cream. Approximately 300 students participated.





Spring Fling-This year’s Coordinator is Joy Smith. The Spring Fling will be at Hidden Valley on Friday, April 25, 2014. This year’s theme is “Spring in the Sahara”. There will be food and a silent auction. Class baskets for silent auction are optional this year. Volunteers are needed, please contact Joy Smith. Donation letters were sent out. Anyone knowing a business willing to donate, please contact Joy Smith.




Yearbook-This year’s Coordinators are Pia Garneau and Linnea Terrranova. The committee is looking to sell 125 more yearbooks! The price is $15.




New Business-Teacher Conference Week Appreciation Lunch will be on March 12th. There will be a sign up email going out for all classes to sign up to bring food.




Starting the first week in April, the Carmel Valley Swim Club will begin. Kids can sign up for lessons or the swim team. Monterey Bay Swim Club instructors will be helping with swim team and lessons. 




Upcoming Events:  March 12-Teacher Conference Week Appreciation Lunch



                                  April 25-Spring Fling at Hidden Valley




Meeting adjourned at 10:24am by President Robyn Rauh.