Minutes from 05-04-16 Meeting

Tularcitos Elementary School PTO

PTO Meeting Minutes

May 4th, 2016


Meeting called to order at 8:45 by Ola Rocha

Introductions by Ola Rocha and sign-ups list for the co-chairs for next year was passed around

Principals Report

 SBAc test this week for grades 3-5th. Everything is going well, although we have had a few computer glitches.  The testing is spread over 2 weeks this year vs 1 week last.  We will have Language Art this week and Math next week.

Thank you PTO for the lunch last week, our staff appreciated it very much.  Thank you also for all your hard work on another successful Spring Fling.

Next year – 4 classes per grade.  Fewer kinders are expected next year, only 16 or 17 class size.  TK will be at Tularcitos next year.

Treasurers Report

 We received income for Bucks for Bobcats and we spent money for grants and field trips.  We have 72,589 to spend!!!  We earned 11,845 for Spring Fling plus an expected additional 500 from Roux.

The budget for 2016-2017 was passed and Emily Frew made a motion to approve and Michelle Bevard provided a second.  The budget is approved.

Approval of Minutes  

Robin Rauh made a motion to approve the minutes and Pia Garneau provided a second

Spring Fling Ola Rocha

 We had a good income based on the turn out, as it was not quite as much as last year.  About 500.00 short.   Ticket sales were a little down this year.  We will plan to have Spring Fling in March next year.  And we are looking to have a similar event for spring fling next year.  Another addition we hope to have is a childcare opportunity next year. 

There seems to be an issue with lack of momentum in PTO participation by the parents of younger grades.  Working on ways to increase visibility – marquee, signs around school, Room mom meetings, etc



Teacher Appreciation

 Thank you everyone for a great event!  We didn’t have to purchase any of the beautiful flowers, everything was donated.  All of our volunteer slots were filled by parents!  We were also able to make a huge donation to the homeless with the rest of the food which is a wonderful result.  Thank you for all of your support!!!

Open House

Sign-up sheets are still going around, please forward to all the room moms.   Kiwanas is letting us borrow the BBQ, and we will start it around 2:00.  We will be getting more food this year so we don’t run out!  As usual the 5th grade will be selling ice cream. We are still looking for lots of volunteers to help with food and serving.


New Executive Board Nomination 2016/2017 – ALL PASSED by unanimous vote

Ola Rocha – President

Summer Hennessey – Vice President

Hilleri Keely – Secretary

Vivianne Borgess– Treasurer


Some chairs to be filled

·         Grant Writer

·         New Family Liaison Co-chair

·         Community Liaison

·         Hospitality Co-chair

·         Fall Festival Co-chair

·         Bucks for Bobcats Co-chair



This year the yearbooks were mostly sold online. Current yearbook chairs will be leaving in 2 years.  This means we will need new yearbook chairs next year, we will need someone to shadow the current chairs for the year to see how it’s all done.   

New Business – no new business

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 by Ola Rocha