Minutes from 01-06-16 Meeting


Meeting called to order at 8:47 AM by PTO President Ola Rocha. Monthly PTO meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:40 AM.

Welcome and introduction by Ola Rocha, followed by introductions of everyone present including names and grades of children.

Principals Report – Ryan Peterson

Mr. Peterson shared that we have had 4 new students but lost a few so still have a total of 538.

Thank you to everyone for supporting our 3 drives in December: 

*We were able to fill 400 stockings, 100 went to the Angel Project and 300  went to the Hope Project– we also had some larger items that wouldn’t fit in stockings that we were able to  donate to other organizations!

* We collected more coats than ever before for One Coat

*We collected over 1500 cans of food!

We will have the Spelling Bee at end of month with the final round on February 11th and the Talent show will also take place on February 11th at 6:00 pm.

You might see lots of trucks around campus in the coming weeks, they are working to help us handle all the rain.

Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Schroeder

Our Bucks for Bobcats participation was record breaking this year, we raised 29,543. Other significant income came from eScrip in the amount of 5586. Our available funds are $62,653.00, which is good for this time of year. 

Approval of Minutes -  

Emily Frew mad a motion to approve the November minutes and Nakelle Fitzpatrick provided a second.


Thred Up – Jessie Lloyd

 This organization will take the good quality, name brand clothing that you donate and resell it on their site. They will provide you a bag, which comes in the mail with instructions, you send in the items and then receive a check or store credit. They have a Thred Up program for schools as well. If you register with Tularcitos, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to our school. Additionally if you purchase from the site, 5% of every sale goes to the school. We are already enrolled and have gotten 542.00 with only 3 particpants. This could be a huge source of income for our school so please check out the website at www.thredup.com/schools and register your account with Tularcitos. You will only need to do this one time. There will also be some bags in the office that you may pick up to get you started!


Yearbook – Pia Garneau/Linnea Terranova

5th grade parents please complete your memory page. We are still looking for sponsors, it is 100.00 per business. Please contact Linnea terranova at linneaterranova@awellspring.netif you are interested.


Bucks For Bobcats – Cindy Schroeder

We had a record breaking year and brought in about 30,000! We had the most class participation of any year!! Thank you to everyone for your support

Spring Fling – Ola Rocha

The fundraiser will take place in March and will be the same as last year including a large raffle. We want to keep it simple and and focus on getting funds for the school. There is no fee to attend the event and will cost 10.00 per raffle ticket.  We are looking at Talbott to hold the fundraiser but that is not confirmed yet and we are still exploring other options. The next Spring Fling meeting will be Wednesday the 13th after drop off at 8:45.   If you have any questions please contact Ola at heatholavt@yhoo.com

Talent show- Ryan Peterson and Joy Smith

Auditions will be this Tuesday the 12th at 3:00. We usually have about 60 acts start, then some drop out as the event gets closer and we often end up with about 45.   It is approximately 2 hours long and we will need help on day of auditions and the day of performance. Mainly just crowd control and getting the acts moving smoothly on and off stage. The event will take place on Feb 11th, Thursday at 6:00.   If you would like to volunteer please contact Mr. Peterson or Joy Smith rpeterson@carmelunified.org.

Community Liason

This position is OPEN. This person will reach out to local businesses and identify those willing to give a kick back to the school in the range of 10-15% on a particular night, possibly when there is an event going on at school that would send lots of parents out to the village and their business. We would be promoting their business for them and could even focus on a normally slow night for the business. This role can be done after work or at night. If interested please contact Ola Rocha at heatholavt@yhoo.com

Facebook Page – Summer Hennessey

 We now have our own Facebook page!! This is for PTO reminders and updates. Please look for and like this page. It is called Tularcitos PTO and has our bobcat logo as the profile picture and the Tularcitos sign as the banner. This page will be comment only, no posting except by admins, but a great way to keep our community updated on future events and activities. Thank you Summer Hennessey!!


Family Event – Sophie Villa

The idea is to plan just a fun and inexpensive event for Tularcitos families, one that does not involve fundraising. We are looking at possibly a family movie night in September, it could be outside on the stage or in Bobcat hall. Another idea is to do a family night at the ball park after the last game. We could keep the snack bar open for hot dogs, snacks, etc., or have a bbq dinner provided there. We are also thinking about having a parent’s night out. We would have high schoolers and a few parents watch the kids at school while the parents go out.   Parents could even go out to support restaurants that are donating back to the school. We might use this idea on the night of spring fling. That way more parents could participate. We could feed the kids pizza and charge 10.00 per child. More details to come! Any ideas for events or locations please contact Sophie Villa.

Upcoming Events

January 12th 3-6 pm Talent Show Auditions

January 28th 6:30-7:30 pm Tular Winter Concert

February 11th 6:00 pm Talent Show  

February 11th 9:00-10:30 Spelling Bee

February 12th Minimum day

February 15th  thru 19th Fall Break



Adjourned by Ola Rocha at 10:01