Minutes from 11-04-2015 Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:45 AM by PTO president Ola Rocha. Monthly PTO meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:40 AM.

Principal Peterson will not be here today but will be sending out an extended email on Friday.

Welcome and Introductions by all attendees.

Stocking Stuffer Drive – Jennifer Hauser and Robin Maguire

Tularcitos has been given stockings to fill and for 2 weeks we are asking kids to bring things to fill up those stockings. The stockings we stuff will be donated to our local homeless families. Families of Tularcitos are being asked to bring new toys, art supplies, and hygiene items to school by Wednesday, December 2nd. Each class will have a box that gets filled and we may have a pizza party incentive for classes who bring in the most donated items.    We will have a packing party on Friday, December 4th before lunch.  All the donated items will be organized by grade and the type of item in Bobcat Hall. The kids will come down by grade and help to stuff the stockings. On December 10, at Shoreline Church, parents of the homeless children are able to pick one item as a gift to wrap and one stocking for their children.  A homeless agency provides transportation for the families to the church. Michael will send an email with the flyer to all the room parents.  

Santa Fly-In December 12th: if anyone would like to be a sponsor please contact Michelle Bevard

Principal’s Report – by Ola Rocha

Our new lower playground should be done by next Wednesday.

When signing up for the AIM walk please write Tularcitos on your form. The school with the most AIM sign-ups will get $1000.00!

Hooray! The Pinecone awards have been released. Tularcitos was voted best school, Mr. Peterson was voted best principal, and Ms. Stasio was voted best teacher! Congratulations!!

The Principal’s Friday email will be lengthier this week and include what he would have covered today.

Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Schroeder

Our Fall Festival income was record breaking, over $12,000.00 made this year. Some of our expenses for the month were enrichment, field trips, spirit wear, and insurance.  Some of our income included eScrip and Fall Festival.  The financial report still looks negative but all of our big expenses have been paid for the year and some of our fundraisers are still ahead of us.  Our available funds are $33,581.00


Approval of the Minutes

Emily Frew made motion to approve the October meeting minutes, Nakelle Fitzpatrick provided a second.



Yearbook- Pia Garneau/Linnea Terranova

We are where we were last year at this time in regards to the number of yearbook orders.   We are not using paper forms this year and that is really making the process much easier. Personalization is new! We encourage everyone to spend a little extra on this new feature as that really supports the overall cost of yearbook production.   12 of our 5th grade students are writing articles for the yearbook. These students will be conducting interviews for articles, including some PTO members. February 12th is the deadline for the 5th grade memory pages, it is an all online process. This Friday 5th grade parents will be getting an email in regards to the memory pages.  If you have any questions on how to create yours you can reach out to Pia Garneau or Linnea Terranova. (pia_garneau@yahoo.com)

Bucks for Bobcats- Mellissa Radowicz/Ola Rocha

Bucks for Bobcats is happening! Nov 13th is the deadline for all donations. Every couple of days the class room moms should send out an email with updates on our progress.   Several Whole Food $50.00 cards will be raffled off throughout the fundraiser to families who have donated.

Teacher Conference Brunch - Michelle Bevard

Michelle presented a new idea for the pot luck lunch for teachers during conference week.  She suggested room moms could bring the teacher and the aide lunch from their favorite restaurant 2-5 days instead of having the large potluck. After some discussion, including that it might be unfair to some teachers as they won’t get equal meals, it was decided we would stick with the potluck. It will only be one day and will take place the first day of conferences on Wednesday, the 18th. We need more helpers for hospitality crew. Michael is sending out an email to all the room parents to ask for volunteers. Room parents could volunteer (or organize) to bring their teacher a lunch on Monday or Tuesday of the following week. (odesign604@gmail.com)

Box Tops – Emily Frew

Emily is meeting with the student council in 2 weeks to discuss how they might be helping to manage the program.   Parents can still turn in box tops to the office or classroom either attached to sheets or loose. If you would like a new box top sheet you can pick one up in the office.

Room Parent Coordinator - Michael Lykken

Hooray every room has a room parent and all room parents are now getting his emails. Michael will be sending out emails to the room parents with wording to support Bucks for Bobcats, the need for hospitality volunteers and to promote the Stocking Stuffer Drive.

Pastries for Peterson – Michelle Bevard/Ola Rocha

Thank you to everyone who came. We had a small turnout at this one and there was discussion as to whether or not we need to continue this event in the future. We should also discuss ways in which we can better promote the event next time.    We will revisit the discussion in future meetings.



Tularcitos Garden- Ms. Grych

Ms. Grych discussed some of things currently being taught in the garden. In kindergarten she is working with kindergarten boxes and a compost system behind the classroom.   First graders are learning about connections with food for soup, life cycles, the monarch from larvae to butterfly, and enjoy watching ladybugs eating aphids.  The 2nd graders study soil types, clay, and meet the trees on campus.  3rd graders had farm day, grow and compete with cabbages, and learn about composting. The 4th graders have the mission ruins project by the dry stream bed and focus on water. The 5th graders also focus on water, signage in the garden, composting, and raising food and sampling food in the garden. She is looking for funds for a possible enrichment class. She would like to have a little farmers market where the students can grow and sell their items from the garden on a Friday. She also has an idea for the students linking hands across campus. They could go from the garden all the way to the library; a good time to do that might be after drill while everyone is already out. Lastly, she suggested we could invite high school students to work in the garden as they need and could earn community service hours. If you have any suggestions or questions please contact her at mgrych@carmelunified.com

Whole Foods Grant – Ola Rocha

We are hopeful that we are getting a $2500.00 grant from Whole Foods. We have submitted our application and we should know by the end of November. 

Spring Fling –Ola Rocha/Jen Pevey/Sofie Villa

The event will take place in March. The first meeting will be on Dec 2 at 8:45, location TBD. If you are interested in being on the committee please contact Ola Rocha. (heatholavt@yahoo.com)

New Business

Christina Honda presented an idea that could raise funds for the school. A simple “Tularcitos game” created that could be purchased from the app store by parents and a percentage of the money earned would back go to the PTO. If approved she is looking for a partner, someone who is into graphic design. She also might be able to get a Carmel High student to volunteer who is tech savvy.   A suggestion that would increase sales was that it link back to the Tularcitos site so parents could easily access calendars and Tularcitos contact information.

PTO is looking for a community liaison – someone to communicate to the community about events at the school. This role is undefined but might include going to businesses in the Village and asking if they would be willing to contribute a % of sales on a particular night, possibly when there is an event going on at school that would send lots of parents out to the village and their business. One example is how Fro and Jo gives back 10% on Tuesday sales. We are thinking we could support a different restaurant each month. This is a role that could be done after work or at night. If you are interested in learning more please contact Ola Rocha. (heatholavt@yahoo.com)

Upcoming Events

Bucks for Bobcats – until November 13th

Spring Fling meeting- December 2nd 8:45


Meeting adjourned by Ola Rocha at 10:50