Minutes from 10-07-15 Meeting




                                                                           Tularcitos Elementary School PTO

PTO Meeting Minutes

October 7th, 2015


Meeting called to order at 8:48 by PTO president Ola Rocha. Monthly PTO meeting will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 8:40 AM in Bobcat Hall.


Welcome and Introductions by all attendees


Principal’s Report

Welcome and Introduction by Ryan Peterson. We have added some new students and we now have 540 students in the school.

Character counts assembly put on by the 5th grade is on Thursday, wear green. Based on the number of parents who attend this one, we may have to stop allowing parents to attend the assemblies as our student population is growing and we may not have enough room.

No Screens Week – We had lots of participation and Principal Peterson received a very cute letter from a student who decided to change her normal patterns and limit her screen time after completing the challenge.

October break next week and the following Monday. October 12-19th.


Andrea Lewis - AIM mental Health

The goal of AIM is to raise awareness and money to fund research to find cures for mental health in children, teens, and young adults. In 18 months the organization has raised close to 1 million dollars. Studies show that 1 in 4 kids will be dealing with mental illness in some form – anxiety ADHD, bipolar etc. They have a walk coming up and are looking for help in motivating parents and kids to participate in the walk. All participants receive a t shirt, beverages, lots of entertainment, food, etc. The cost to participate is 10.00 for children under 19 or 25.00 for 19 and over. They had 300 last year are hoping to double that this year. The event date is Sunday November 15th. Please visit AIMformentalhealth.org for more information.  


Matt Shea – Carmel Valley Village Improvement Committee (CVVIC)–

The purpose of this organization is preserve and enhance the rural character of the village and keep it beautiful. They are made up of about 65 members and are non-political. Some of the work they have done includes putting in all the sidewalks from Tulararcitos to Rippling River, 19 overhead lights, the undergrounding of all power lines in the village, and a 6 million dollar project has been approved to underground all lines to all the way to Garland Park. The group’s funding primarily comes from grants. The sheriff community field office is paid for by them which will now be the Activity House in the park starting Nov 1st. There are quarterly meetings that anyone can attend on the first Thursday of the month, next location to be determined. Matt and the organization are looking for ideas/suggestions on what needs to be done. A suggestion from our meeting was making sidewalks on Esquiline near the corner before Rosie’s. Matt responded that the organization did widen that part of the road after the accident last year and are looking for other solutions. If you have any suggestions or would like to attend the meetings you may contact Matt at mshea@bernardus.com. For more details you may visit their website at cvvic.org



Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Schroeder

As you can see from the report, Tularcitos is still getting e-scrip income but this will be our last year. We also had significant income from after school enrichment programs this month. Some of our major September expenses include Fall Festival, the new refrigerator/freezer and our class field trips. You can see we are still showing a little negative for the year but this is normal for this early part of the year. All of our big expenses come early on and we will see lots of income generated from Fall Festival, Bucks for Bobcats, etc.


Approval of Minutes

Robyn Rauh made a motion to approve the minutes from September 2nd, 2015 and Emily Frew provided a second.


Fall Festival – Robyn Rauh

 It was a great turnout, everyone had a wonderful time and stayed until the very end! This year the event brought in about $18,000 and after expenses we made about $12,000!! Last year our profit was $8,000 and the year before that it was also $8,000 so we had a huge increase. This year the hand stamps went from $10.00 to $12.00 and the raffle tickets went from $1.00 to $2.00 each which contributed to the increased profit.    We also sold a lot more spirit wear this year.  

A lot of the holes in sign-ups were filled by middle schoolers which was a huge help and there were lots of new faces helping with setup and tear down.


Raffle Winners - Thank you to all of our donors


*Grand Prize – Dinner for 2 at Athena Café, Baja Cantina, Baum & Blume-The Carriage House, Big Sur River Inn, Big Sur Roadhouse, Café Rustica, Iolis’, Jeffrey’s, Running Iron, Taqueria del Valle, Valley Hills Deli & BBQ, and Whole Foods - Graham Simpson

*Carmel Valley Ranch – Golf for 2 with cart plus 1 week trial membership at the River Ranch – Tony Lakind

*Bernardus LodgeLucia Restaurant – Dinner for 2, $120.00 value – Richard Wood

*Whole Foods - $50 Gift Certificate – Kim DeRenzo

*Bava Family – Olive Oil Basket – Shannon Forester

*Valley Hills Deli & BBQ – Gift Basket with Plumeria Paper Craft – Liz Wells

*Garland View Stables – Private One Hour Horseback Riding Lesson – John Forte

*Carmel Valley Video – Family 10 pack Movie Rental – Danny Wood

*Lemon Tree – Fondue Pot – John Dinkle


Principal Peterson – “Fall Festival has gotten better every year, thank you for improving it and all of your hard work over the years, we appreciate you!”

We will need someone to take over Fall Festival next year. If you are interested or would like to learn more please reach out to robyn.rauh@yahoo.com or Ola Rocha at Heatholavt@yahoo.com


Yearbookno update


Ways and Means – Summer Hennessy and Ryan Peterson

At the last meeting we had 12 teacher requests for grants with the total being a little over $7,000.   All were approved by the committee. 



Writing Workshop Materials




National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine Subscription



1st Grade

Caterpillars, Ladybug Larvae and live ants



1st Grade

Magnetic Ten Frame Boards



1st Grade

Mind-Up Curriculum books & Learning to get along Book sets



1st Grade

Continent Books, Trade books



2nd Grade

4 class sets of various mentor text for Writers' Workshop



2nd Grade

4 class sets of 3 different set of various biographies




6 pack books sets for the school leveled book room



4th Grade

Hexagram weights, Gold rush DVD, teaching Guide, Geometric Solids, CA Map, etc…



1st Grade

Rectangular Carpet


Weist, Becker, Stallcup

2nd Grade




Michelle Kane made a motion to approve, Nakelle Fitzpatrick provided the second.


Bucks for Bobcats – Melissa Radowicz/Brenda Snow

Melissa Radowicz will be helping to lead this fundraiser for us and Ola is planning on setting up a meeting with Robyn Rauh and Melissa to plan this year’s event.  The Snow family will donate a second thermometer for us to have in the front of the school which will show our progress in collecting donations.   


No Screens – Robyn Rauh

Thank you to everyone who came and helped serve ice cream to the participating students, we had about a dozen volunteers there helping which was wonderful and fun for the kids. We will plan the next No Screens week for the end of February or early March, and the ice cream party will be scheduled sometime the following week.


Box Tops -Emily Frew

Emily touched base with the student council coordinators to share her idea of having the kids involved in managing the box tops program. Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Reding were excited about the concept however concerned with the limited time available and fitting it in. Emily plans to work with them and help find ways to make it work, perhaps doing every other month during lunch time. In the meantime, keep turning your box tops in to the office.


Room Parent Coordinator – Michael Lykken

 All email addresses have been added so all room parents should be getting his emails now. Sign up genius is working well and since it’s what they use in middle and high school it is good to get everyone on board with the new system now. There are also fewer parents walking kids to class where they would see a paper sign-up sheet so it’s easier for them and working moms to participate online.



Pastries with Peterson is Oct 22 and in front of the office this year. Michelle Bevard and Michelle Kane are coordinating the food. It is happening at 8:45 right after drop off and there will be no agenda, just chatting and eating.


New Business

Ola found someone to donate a sign to Fro and Jo promoting their Tularcitos give back days.   This should allow for more visibility of the days when the business gives a percentage of all sales back to Tularcitios.   Hopefully this will increase community participation on these days and raise more money for the school. Additionally, the business next door which refurbishes phones and other devices has agreed to donate 10% of their sales back to Tularcitos. 

Michelle Kane – Jeanie Hale was the Tularcitos PTO president from 20 years ago and she has helped to create a Help-a-thon. This is a fundraiser in which children pick a charity in the community and donate their time. This gets children involved in their community and will also raise money for the local school. This might be another good opportunity for us to raise money for the Tularcitos without having our children sell things.

Computer lab needs new hooks, the children’s backpacks can be found everywhere in front of the lab.

The dying pine trees will be taken down near the field and our Kindergarten area. We will replant new trees in their place.

Whole Foods offers a grant in the amount of $2500.00 for which we are applying and hope to receive. Also in the works with Whole Foods, they may be providing 615 canteens to our kids. These canteens would have a bobcat on one side and the Whole Foods logo on the other. We hope to receive these in November and to coordinate with our character counts assembly.


Upcoming Events

Pastries with Peterson Oct 22

Halloween Parade – October 30 at 1:15

Bucks for Bobcats – Nov. 2 thru Nov. 13


Meeting adjourned by Ola Rocha at 10:07