Minutes from 09-02-2015 Meeting





Tularcitos Elementary School PTO

PTO Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2015



Meeting called to order at 8:50 by PTO President Ola Rocha. Monthly PTO meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 8:45 AM in Bobcat Hall.


Welcome and introduction by Ola Rocha, followed by Introductions of everyone present including names and grades of children.


Principals Report

Welcome and introduction by Ryan Peterson. Principal Peterson shared that we have had lots of growth – 40 new students (excluding kinder) and we are up to 538 students.

With the new growth our busses are seeing more riders. Our transportation office is still in the process of adjusting the routes they are finding the best way to arrange the routes to even out the number of students on each bus.


New playground structure- It is on board meeting agenda for Sept 9th to get approval for funds for the far playground structure.


Surveillance system approval, waiting on funds from the state which will be supplying for all campuses in the entire district, not just Tularcitos.


New writing program piloting in 2nd and 4th grades. Writing has always been a big focus for Tularcitos and we are excited to pilot this new program, which may be further rolled out to other classes in the future. It is Lucy Calkins writing workshop model which includes small group instruction. 


Principal Peterson asked for feedback from back to school night – what have you loved and found to be beneficial? Some of the feedback included:

-Enjoyed learning what the criteria for scholar of the month is,

-Would like to see teachers do a mini lesson,

-Liked hearing about the focus of family time vs homework,

-Liked hearing the homework line up for the year know what is coming,

-Liked getting a printout of the slide show,

-Liked going thru website for the classroom,   

-Parents would like to have time with pull outs (Spanish, etc),

If you have any other feedback to share please contact Mr Peterson.


Treasurer’s report

May and June – end of year on budget or expectations, starting the new school year with over 58,000.00 in available funds.

August and September – The year has just gotten started but so far we have spent money on teacher stipends, field trips, and the swim program. Income generated thus far has come from E-scrip, private donations, Target thank you program, and spirit wear sales.   We are on track with normal expectations for this early time of year.


Approval of Minutes

Emily Frew made a move to approve minutes from last meeting May 6, 2015, Unanimous vote was made to approve the minutes.


Fall Festival – Robin Rauh (robyn.rauh@yahoo.com)

Will take place on October 2, 2015. Every class has a booth to manage and this year we are going to use sign up genius instead of paper classroom sign up lists.

This is generally a small fundraiser for PTO but mostly just a fun event for kids and the community. Kindergarten gets a soft opening at 2:00 from My Museum play area but the games and bouncy houses won’t be ready until 3. Farmers Market will be moved to Thursday so we won’t be competing for parking. Some food, hotdogs, pizza, sweet treats, will be present. The raffle is main money making part of the event as the $12.00 hand stamp only covers rentals. Raffle tickets will go home with students the 2nd or 3rd week in September – 2.00 each ticket, 20 tickets going home with each child. Still accepting donations for raffle items.   Raffle items should be kid friendly (not wine or spa day). If you have questions or would know a local business that would like to donate, please contact Summer Hennessy (summer_usd@hotmail.com). Room parents will be responsible for managing their class booth, making sure that volunteers show up and cover their assigned time slots.    Letters for prize donations will be going out soon. We are asking for donations of gently used items which will be prizes for the kids. These donations can be turned into the office.


E-scrip – Ola Rocha

E-scrip is gone as a fundraiser for our school since Albertsons bought out Safeway. It was a huge income for us as $14,000 was raised last year, $20,000 in previous years. We have E-scrip money coming in for this school year but it is based on previous purchases, nothing moving forward. We are looking at new programs and should have more news in Oct meeting. Some examples include Target Red Card. Mighty Nest, Whole Foods, Amazon. We are also looking at grants to cover this loss and have a mom who is willing to help with that. We will blast info once decision is made. Please join us at next meeting for updates. If you have any other ideas or suggestions please email Ola Rocha (heatholavt@yahoo.com). 


Yearbook – Linnea Terranova and Pia Garneau

Changes –Because the paper orders are so time consuming, we want to emphasize online orders instead of paper this year. Emails will go out with links to click on to place orders for the yearbook. Parents can still use a paper order form but these will be made available quietly. LOVE LINES – will not be available this year, instead we will be offering the ability to include personalization – name and icon option on the cover. It will cost 3.00 to do and we will charge 5 or 6. We are also looking to get 1 or 2 more sponsors to help cover the cost of producing the yearbook, we usually have about 26. Sponsors can be a person or a business. We are still looking for volunteers of photographers in about half of the classes. Room Parents please try to assign one parent from each class to be photo coordinator, we don’t want any classes to be left out. If you would like to volunteer please contact Pia Garneau (pia_garneau@yahoo.com). Remember that anyone can submit pictures they have snapped around campus at any time.   The theme this year is a ‘story to tell’, students will submit writing and poetry from k-5th. Pictures of reading books or writing would be good to submit. 




Ways and Means – Summer Hennessy

 The Way and Means committee receives grant requests from teachers to the PTO of things they feel they need, or the PTO can also submit requests. The Ways and Means committee reviews and considers each item to make decisions on what we will fund. Some things can be funded thru school money instead of Way and Means. Then PTO then approves the whole package of decisions in our monthly meeting. We are looking for committee members, there are only 3 meetings per year, dates have not been set. Let Summer Hennessy (summer_usd@hotmail.com) know if you are interested in helping.


Bucks for Bobcats – Summer Hennesy

Robyn Rauh suggested discussing it further at next meeting on October 7th. . It is our biggest fundraiser now that E-scrip is gone and takes place in November. Instead of selling cookies we send home letter to parents showing cost of running the school per student, and ask parents to give what they can. All money goes to PTO.    It was suggested that this year we could form a committee, promote it more around the campus and share new ideas in order to maximize the donations for this event. 


No Screens Week  Sept 14-18

A letter/contract goes home with kids for the parents and students to sign that states I will participate and turn everything off for the week, no screens, no computers, TV, etc., . This allows us to focus on family time, and encourage reading in the March version. It has been done for 2 years, twice a year.   Letters will go home the week before. An Ice cream party is following Tuesday for each student who participates.



Box Tops – Emily Frew  

We raised 842.00 last year.   This year she would like to work with student council, get them involved in collecting, mailing, counting, preparing, etc.  Sheets will be going home for collecting the box tops soon. (emilyfrew@me.com)


Room Parent Coordinator – Michael Lykken

Welcome all new room parents! The primary responsibilities are that you attend PTO meetings, get parents to volunteer for PTO events, and plan the holiday parties for the classroom. . You are the primary communicator about PTO activities with the parents in your room. Each teacher will handle the holiday parties differently but it is the room parent’s responsibility to coordinate supplies, food and volunteers for these gatherings. (michael@soaresandlykken.com)


Hospitality -

Pastries for Peterson is October 22nd in the garden. Try to get an idea of attendance and please let Michelle Bevard know so she can purchase the appropriate amount of food. (odesign604@gmail.com)


New business

Elaine Eldridge - enrichment classes were approved. Classes are set for the first session. We have some new classes including musical theater class, Chess and a newspaper class. Yoga is coming next session. Some current classes are still open – Creative Art on Monday, kinder Cooking and Pottery, Painting, Theater, Stitchery.   Please contact Elaine if you are interested in signing up. Open to suggestions for other future enrichment activities, please contact Elaine if you have ideas. (eeldridge@carmelunified.org)


Thank you Michelle Bevard and everyone who has helped update the teacher’s conference! PTO funded new chairs, tables paint, cabinets, and countertops.   We appreciate all of your hard work!!

Since Fro and Jo will donate 10% back to school on certain days we should look into asking other restaurants to donate on a particular day (First Fridays?) or after a school event. Perhaps look at creating a sub-committee responsible for informing village businesses when we have events. This will help them prepare for larger crowds and possibly give back to our school a percentage of the profits made.   


Upcoming Events

No Screens for Ice Cream – September 14-18, party on September 22, 2015

Fall Festival – October 2, 2015

Pastries with Peterson – October 22, 2015

PTO Meeting - October 7, 2015 8:45am



Meeting Adjourned at 9:50 by Ola Rocha