Minutes from 05-06-2015 Meeting


Tularcitos Elementary School PTO

Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2015

President Robyn Rauh called meeting to order at 8:48am. Monthly PTO meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 8:45am in Bobcat Hall.

Principal’s Report-Thank you to all who helped out at the Teacher Appreciation Lunch. The teachers really enjoyed the lunch. Thank you very much to Robyn Rauh and Stephanie Miller for all their hard work over the school year.

The new lunch program has kicked off successfully. There are still some kinks in the system such as running out of food when the 5th Graders have lunch and food being cold by then as well. Overall, the kids seem to like the food.

The new Smarter Balanced Assessment tests are taking place the week of May 11th. This year 3rd-5th Graders will take the test. The test includes essay and short answer. Testing will take place in the mornings 9am to 12:30pm. Practice tests can be found on their website www.smarterbalanced.org.

Next year every grade will have 4 classrooms. Our school is growing! The PE Swim Program has started! Don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your child.

Treasurer’s Report- This month Escrip brought in $3,577 and Corkscrew sent a check from Spring Fling for $1,110. Expenses this month included $1,606 for bus transportation and Art Program $396.

Minutes Approval-Emily Frew made a motion to approve minutes from April 2015 Meeting. Unanimous vote was made to approve minutes.

New Executive Board- The PTO voted unanimously for new Executive Board for 2015-2016:

            President Ola Rocha                      Vice-President Summer Hennessey

            Secretary Hilleri Keely                    Treasurer Cindy Schroeder


Thank you very much to Robyn Rauh and Stephanie Miller for their hard work over the past years!

Hospitality-Thank you to all who helped out at the Teacher Appreciation Lunch! We need help for the Art Open House on May 20th. Art Program needs help matting art work and removing art work after the Open House. Also, please contact Michelle Bevard to help out at the BBQ. Teacher lounge renovations are still in progress.

Yearbook-This year’s Coordinators are Pia Garneau and Linnea Terrranova. The yearbook is completed. 300 of yearbooks have been sold. Yearbooks can still be purchased in the office for $15. Thank you Pia and Linnea for all your hard work!

New Business-Committees for next school year need coordinators. Coordinators are needed for Escrip, Bucks for Bobcats and Room Parent Coordinator. Please contact Robyn Rauh or Ola Rocha.

Carmel Middle School PTO meeting is first Wednesday afternoon of each month.


Upcoming Events: Open House & BBQ-May 20


Meeting adjourned at 9:35am by President Robyn Rauh.