Update on Hybrid Reopening

Update on Hybrid Reopening

Back in August, high school staff presented an A/B model to the Governing Board that would give students access to campus two days a week. At the time we felt this was the best plan. We are now taking the opportunity to revisit our planning, applying what we have learned these past three months along with research into how other schools are approaching a return to school. Recently the school held a parent Q and A and will be sending out a more generalized survey focusing on what programs and services the school could provide in a hybrid format that are not attainable in our current model.

Our goal is to have a revised plan available in December for parents and students to review. Depending on the nature of that plan we will then determine what choices parents might have to make with regards to a return to school. We will continue to refine the high school instructional plan to maintain a full course of study that can be accessed by students in a safe manner.

Presentation on Hybrid Reopening

Below are surveys for both parents and students to fill out that center on different components of a hybrid learning environment.