Student Materal Pick Up

For textbook/material pick-up, we will be having families and students drive through the ring road, starting above the theatre.  Students will receive their student schedule and will be used to check out materials/textbooks at each stop around the ring road.  The only time a student will get out of their car is when the students take their picture.  Please remember to wear a mask.  The photographer will ask the student to take off their mask only during the photo.  The photographer will be wearing a mask and gloves, behind a shield more than 6 feet away.  We will be using the schedule below

We ask that students and family adhere to the schedule as we need to maintain a maximum number of students during each hour.  If a family cannot make this time allotted due to work or a prior commitment that can't be changed, please fill out the following form. We have an alternate pick-up time from 5-6 on Wednesday, August 12th.  If you have any questions, please email assistant principal Craig Tuana at