ALICE Training

 On Tuesday December 3rd, CHS will be conducting a school wide training on the ALICE program to address concerns regarding violent intruder incidents. While not an enjoyable conversation, we have felt it is essential to have all students be aware of what to do if someone came to our school to do harm. Students will be given a presentation in a special 4th period by teachers who have been trained to deliver this information. Our video production class has created a short video to outline the ALICE process. That video can be viewed here. and more info about ALICE can be heard here Our counseling staff will be available to students who demonstrate a sensitivity to this material but we feel it is essential for all students to be aware of choices they can make if this horrible event happened here. We will also review this material with parents at the next Padre Parent Meeting in December. We want to stress that CHS is engaged in our process and that it may be presented differently if you have children at some of our other schools. Each school will roll out the program in an age appropriate fashion. Please also refer to the district website and the superintendent’s special bulletin if you have additional questions.