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Second Edition of #WeAreCarmelUnified

Second Edition of #WeAreCarmelUnified

Dear Parents and CUSD employees:

A Chicago colleague asked recently, “What is the name of your new school district?” “Carmel Unified,” I responded.  “Unified? ” she inquired as though she had misheard. I quickly responded, “Yes, in Chicago we would call it a Unit District. It serves students in grades K-12. Actually we also have a preschool program here, so it’s actually pre-K to grade 12, but it’s about the same thing as a unit district.”

Lately, I’ve realized there’s more to it than my first simple explanation.I have a growing understanding and appreciation for the power-- and the potential-- implied by the word “Unified” that we carry in our district name, and I am proud to be the superintendent of a district that strives to live out this notion of being “unified.”  It is one of the qualities that makes us distinctive. Let me explain this by sharing a couple of recent experiences.

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Barb Dill-Varga, Ed.D.