Carmelo Parent Organization

    Carmelo Parent Organization (CPO) is a formal parent organization founded in 1995. We meet once a month to discuss fundraising, school, community and ways to make Carmelo the best school it can be. All parents and teachers are encouraged to attend. All programs operated at the Carmelo School site are represented on the CPO. For CCDC, TK or Co-op program administration contact information please see "Other Programs/Sites" or "Administration".

    2017/2018 CPO Officers:

    President:  Stacey Scherling                                 staceyscherling@me.com

    Vice President: Kate Harrington                           katherine.y.harrington@gmail.com

    Treasurer: Russell Albright                                   albrightruss@yahoo.com

    Secretary: Jennifer Henry                                      jenniferhenry2686@gmail.com

    Room parent Coordinator: Emilie Kauffman         emiliekauffman@gmail.com

    Enrichment Coordinator: TBD                                

    Hospitality Coordinators:

                                      Tatjana Zina                       tkzina@gmail.com

                                      Courtney Woolery              Courtneylarson@gmail.com

     Meeting Dates:  First Monday of the month at 5:00 PM