Cachagua Center - Carmel Unified School District

    37320 Nason Road, Carmel Valley, CA 93924 

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    Welcome to Cachagua Center

    Cachagua Children's Center is an outreach program of Carmel Unified School District.

    We have pre-school from 9:30am-12:30pm.
    Please contact the Site Director for registration information.
     The after school program is open every afternoon when the school buses arrive until 6:00pm. 
     We have tutors available each afternoon during homework hour.
    For information about the Programs and Registration please call  Vicki Briesacker Cachagua Site Director at

    For information about the Programs and Registration please call  Vicki Briesacker Cachagua Site Director at
    Parent Information:
    Impact of Social Media on our Schools and Communities 
    We will open on August 8, 2017
    Los recordatorios: 
    Abierto 8 de Agosto, 2018
    Vicki Briesacker                                                                   
    Site Director
    Vicki has worked for CUSD since 1997. She received a Master's Degree in
    Human Development from Pacific Oaks College and taught at the Pacific Oaks Children's School. Prior to working at Cachagua Center she worked nine years at Apple Pie Preschool in Big Sur and two years at Carmel Child Development Center.

    Linda Gesicki
    Instructional Aide
    Linda offers homework support for the students. She also works at Tularcitos as a special education aide. Linda has been with the school district for more than twenty years. She spent ten years at River School and now works at Tularcitos.
    Kerry Hobbs
    Instructional Aide
    Kerry (Mr. K) offers homework support for the students. Mr. K has worked in military youth centers in South Korea for 4 years. He has been an instructional aide in the computer lab at Toro Park Elementary since April 2013. Mr. K has a degree in music education - Vocal and Instrumental for grades K~12 and just a few hours short of a minor in mathematics. 



    A Big Thank you to Our Wonderful Volunteers!!!