Carmel Counseling Department 

    School Counselors are to support students in the three domains of counseling: Academic, College & Career, and Personal/Social. Each Carmel High student is fortunate to be assigned 2 counselors -- an Academic Counselor and a College & Career Counselor -- who will remain that students counselor all 4 years. 
    Academic Counselors
     Classroom Support, Progress Monitoring, Schedule Changes, Graduation Status, Confidential Concerns, etc.
    First Name Last Name Position Assignment Email Extension
    Jeff Rogers Academic Counselor Freshman & Seniors jrogers@carmelunified.org 2783
    Yesel Von Ruden Academic Counselor Sophomores & Juniors yvonruden@carmelunified.org 2794
    College & Career Center
     Post-Secondary Planning, Career Advising & Assessments, Entrance Requirements, Testing (SAT/ACT), Application Support, etc.
    First Name Last Name Position Assignment Email Extension
    Darren Johnston College & Career Seniors djohnston@carmelunified.org 2784
    Patricia Hunt College & Career Support ALL Grades phunt@carmelunified.org 3782
    Support Staff
     Registrar:  New Student Registration, Records, Residency, Transcripts 
    Support Counselor:  At-Risk Counseling & Support, Drug & Alcohol Prevention, Stress Management, 
    First Name Last Name Position Assignment Email Extension
    Lauren Capano Support Counselor (LCSW) ALL Grades lcapano@carmelunified.org 2785
    Linda Galuppo Registrar & Secretary ALL Grades lgaluppo@carmelunified.org 2782
    Contacting Your Counselor 

    DROP - IN: 
    STUDENTS: Counselors are available for drop-in visits before school, during break or lunch, and after school. Students may not drop-in during class time unless they need immediate attention. Drop-Ins are best for any question or concern that can be addressed quickly. 
    PARENTS: In order to ensure counselors can provide the level of services our students expect and deserve, we ask that parents/guardians please contact your student's counselor directly as opposed to making "drop-in" visit.
    APPOINTMENTS: If students would like to meet with their Academic Counselor during class time, they should either contact their counselor directly (via email or drop-in) or use either the sign-up sheet outside their office. Your counselor will send a pass from you as soon as they become available. 
    EMAIL: at the addresses above. This method saves you from missing valuable instruction in class, waiting in line, and will generally provide the quickest response to your questions.
Last Modified on August 7, 2018