• Asynchronous

    Asynchronous Learning Planned for Wednesday, January 27th


    On-Campus Cohorts Closed

    No Zoom Classes - Students should check teacher's Google Classrooms for instructions.


    We anticipate that many of our staff and students may be without power, internet access, and that some may be forced to evacuate their homes with the impending storm system unfolding in our area.

    In planning for this scenario we have encouraged our teachers to use Wednesday's asynchronous day primarily for makeup work, allowing those who have fallen behind the opportunity to catch up as we believe that a significant portion of our students will be unable to access classes and assignments given anticipated conditions.  We have also encouraged teachers who have power and internet connection to make themselves available via email for questions and/or office hours style appointments during regularly scheduled school hours.

    In addition, CMS will be closing all on-campus cohorts tomorrow and busses will not be offering transportation.  An email has been sent to the families of all students currently enrolled in our on-campus cohorts.  

    We hope that all our families make it through this approaching system without incident and wish you all comfort and safety throughout this evening.  

    We’ll anticipate reopening for regular services again on Thursday and will keep you informed as events unfold.  

    Stay safe and take care!



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  • 2020-2021 CMS Site Presentation  

    Our annual site presentation focuses on the state of affairs at our school, positive accomplishments, identify areas for improvement, and discuss plans for the future during the program.  Embedded within the presentation are a few links worth checking out including a slide show featuring student art, holiday performances by our chorus and band, and a hilarious skit created by some of our CMS staff members called “Zoombies” featuring all the crazy antics you’ve seen and heard about in the world of Zoom.

    Follow the link to view our:

    2020 - 2021 CMS Site Presentation



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  • CMS Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

    Click: Leadership Video Introducing the Challenge


    In just a few short weeks, the nation will be celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Week. Although we will be on February Break during this time, the CMS leadership class would like to encourage you all to find a way to make a difference in our community and in the lives of others. We know that many of you have already been doing things to help others. Some of you have taken on extra responsibilities at home. Others of you have helped a neighbor in need or have written a letter to someone you love who you cannot see right now. It is even possible that some of your families have found ways to help the community through donating to the food bank or serving those in need. There are so many ways that we can all make a difference in our community, and we would like to see and hear about the Random Acts of Kindness that our CMS students have been participating in over the past year. If you have not had the opportunity to participate in some sort of Random Act of Kindness, we would like to encourage you to think about how you can make a difference at home, in your neighborhood, or in our community. 

    The leadership class would like to highlight your stories about Random Acts of Kindness to share with the rest of the CMS community. As you participate in Random Acts of Kindness, please document them by taking pictures or videos of yourself performing the act of kindness. We then would like to encourage you to share your experience by filling out the Google Form found on your Chromebook Homepage. Please let us know who you are by providing us with your first and last name and grade level. Then give us a brief description of your experience of what you did and what it was like performing your Random Act of Kindness. Finally, if you have one, upload a picture or video of yourself performing the Random Act of Kindness. 

    We look forward to sharing all of the wonderful things our CMS students are doing to help their families, their neighbors, and our community. Please be sure to check out the Chromebook Homepage for more information about how to fill out the Google Form. We would love to have all of you participate, so we can highlight all of the incredible things you are doing to make our world a better place. GO COUGARS! 


    Link for: Random Acts of Kindness Form.

     Link for: Video explaining how to fill out the form.



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  • Incident IQ - Tech Assistance

     Is Your Chromebook on the fritz?

    Are you experiencing login issues?

    Do you need tech support?

     We can help!  Follow one of the Incident IQ links below, fill out a trouble ticket request, and a tech representative from the school district will contact you shortly.

    Incident IQ - For Students

    Incident IQ - For Parents



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  • Order Your Yearbook!

    To Order Your 2021 Yearbook - please click on the link.




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  • CMS Daily Distance Learning Schedule


    0 period - Early Bird PE

    7:35 a.m–8:10 a.m.

    1st period...................  8:15a.m-9:00a.m.

    2nd period.................

    9:15 a.m–10:00 a.m.

    3rd period..................

    10:15 a.m-11:00a.m.

    4th period..................

    11:15 a.m–12:00p.m.

    5th period..................

    12:15 p.m– 1:00 p.m.

    6th period..................

    1:15 p.m– 2:00 p.m.

    7th period..................

    2:15 p.m– 3:00 p.m.

    8th period..................

    3:15 p.m– 4:00 p.m.

    9th period..................

    Independent Study PE

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  • Our Mission Statement: Carmel Middle School has an academic priority based in the California State Content Standards. We will deliver these academics with creativity that stretches students toward higher level thinking skills. We are keenly interested in the whole child and will use relevant, age-appropriate, and hands-on methods that foster student appreciation for learning and the world around us. We offer a broad selection of electives and stress the importance of these electives as our students explore their personal interests. We are dedicated to providing a safe and positive learning environment where students are given opportunities to develop their abilities and confidence for life-long learning. Personal health and fitness are significant to our mission. We want students to become increasingly self-motivated to make positive, healthy contributions to our world.