• CHS Counseling Department 

    School Counselors are available to support students in the three domains of counseling: Academic, College & Career, and Personal/Social. Organized by last name, each Carmel High student is assigned a counselor who will work with them for their entire four-year career.  

                    Last Names:                            Last Names:                             Last Names:

          A - Ga         Ge - M         N - Z 

                 Darren Johnston                                Yesel Von Ruden                               Jeff Rogers

            djohnston@carmelunified.org                          yvonruden@carmelunified.org                       jrogers@carmelunified.org


    Contacting Your Counselor

    • EMAIL / PHONE:
      • STUDENTS: contacting your counselor via email will generally result in the quickest response to your questions while also preventing students from missing valuable instruction time in the classroom
      • PARENTS: for the quickest response, please consider emailing your student's counselor first. Because counselors are often meeting with students directly, they're are often unable to answer phone calls directly, but will attempt to return parent/guardian phone calls as soon as they're able.
    • DROP - IN MEETINGS:   
      • STUDENTS: Counselors are available to meet with students for drop-in visits during the school day either before or after school, or during break or lunch. Students may not drop-in during class time unless they need immediate attention. Drop-Ins are best for any question or concern that can be addressed quickly. 
      • PARENTS: In order to ensure counselors can provide the level of services our students expect and deserve, we ask that parents/guardians please contact your student's counselor directly as opposed to making "drop-in" visit.
      • STUDENTS: If students are unable to meet with their counselor during drop-in times or would like to schedule a more in-depth meeting during class time, they may contact their counselor directly via email, drop-in, or sign-up sheet. Your counselor will send a pass from you as soon as they become available. 
      • PARENTS: In order to ensure counselors can provide the level of services our students expect and deserve, parent(s)/guardian(s) appointments are by appointment only. Parents are required to check-in to the front office before meeting with a counselor for their scheduled appointment. 


Last Modified on August 29, 2023