Welcome to 2nd Grade!
    Mrs. Jauregui's Bucket Filling Class!
     On this site, you and your child can browse and enjoy the many math, reading, science, writing, and fun links I have provided that I hope will be helpful. 
    Kindness Counts  
    Morning Message Board
    Everyday in the classroom is full of learning and growth.
    Check out Room 13's rain forest biomes and animal reports, and get an insight into our enriching parent let book club meetings!
    In the Rain Forest
    Along with my Teacher's Credential in Education, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Art and completed a Postgraduate Program at the University of California at Santa Cruz in Art, to which I continue to enjoy extended studies in and incorporate into lessons whenever possible!
    Reading With a Partner
                    Dear Parents,
                                 WHAT YOU CAN DO....
    From the CUSD Cirriculum Brochure
    1. Provide a positive home atmosphere and attitude toward learning and encourage you child to do his/her best.
    2. Be knowledgeable about and participate actively in the many opportunities which seek parental involvement.
    3. Establish a time and place where homework can be completed and reviewed.
    4. Talk with your child about shared experiences.
    5. Read aloud to your child and listen to your child read or retell stories and poems to you.
    6.  Show your child the importance and use of reading and writing in daily life.
    ...and what happens if you read more than 20 minutes a night?
    7.  Monitor your child's television viewing and watch programs with your child whenever possible. 
    Kid Painting for Open House 
    Character Counts! 
    We love to earn Otter Bucks for our good behavior and for always doing our best!
    2nd Grade Art
    * Here are our Seven Pillars of Character we work towards...
    ...and our Kids of Character Pledge
    I pledge to be a Kid for Character.
    I will be worthy of trust.
    I will be respectful and responsible, doing what I must.
    I will always act with fairness.
    I will show that I care.
    I will be a good citizen,
    and always do my share.
     We learn about good citizenship and about making healthy choices.

    Good memories...
    2nd Grade on the boat.  We observe nature.
    ...are going on field trips with our class...
    Santa Lucia Nature Walk  
    ....carefully observing to increase our understanding...
    Careful Observation!  
    Graphing  Working on our projects.  
     ...and constantly learning!
    fFying Horse
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