• Stadium Improvements Project

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    Notice of Completion and Availability of a Revised/Recirculated Draft EIR (RDEIR) 


    On July 22, 2022, Superintendent Knight issued a Public Status Update Regarding Environmental Review Process for Proposed Carmel High School Stadium Lights Project.


    On June 10, 2022, Superintendent Knight issued a Public Status Update Regarding Environmental Review Process for Proposed Carmel High School Stadium Lights Project.


    On February 16, 2022, Superintendent Knight provided the following detailed update:


    • As a result of the facilities master plan, which was created with input from a variety of stakeholders, including students, staff, parents, and community members, the concept of stadium lights was identified by district staff and the board of education as a priority project due to the new late start law requiring implementation in the 2022-23 school year. Although updated guidance states that we are not legally obligated to implement a late start due to our designation as a rural district, numerous stakeholders have continued to advocate for a change due to the positive aspects for students.
    • In addition to late start implementation, equity concepts such as student participation, staff observation, and school pride have also become drivers for this project.
    • Initially, the district determined the project would require an environmental impact report and engaged with consultants to prepare the EIR as well as architects and designers for the project.
    • The district published a Notice of Preparation for the EIR on May 12th of 2021 and received approximately 16 responses during the 30 day review period.
    • The EIR scoping meeting was conducted at the May 26th school board meeting, which solicited public comment regarding the type and extent of environmental analyses to be undertaken. 
    • The draft EIR was completed and made available in August of 2021 and comments were received during the following 45 day review period. Seeing several themes of concern, I decided to host a listening session where I could hear first-hand the concerns and engage in a dialogue with those community members who had voiced concerns. 
    • I have continued to hear from and meet with the community, tour the surrounding area, work with staff, local officials, consultants, and district legal counsel as I formulate a plan to meet the original issues of late start and equity.


    Concerns center on:

    • A general concern with the EIR process and resulting documents
    • Light pollution - both current and in totality when/if the stadium lights are installed
    • Parking, not only parking during current events but also during the day. This is a concern that many felt would be exacerbated if the district instituted night games.
    • Concern that night games would bring increased trash, and unsafe behaviors
    • The light poles and accompanying glow disrupting current views 
    • Decreased property values
    • Renting out the facilities and increasing the time when lights will be on
    • Concerns of trust and a history of the district not listening to the community or considering their desires


    Plan moving forward:

    • At this point, seeing no viable alternatives to the stadium light project, and still hearing community concern and promises of a lawsuit, we have enhanced the scope of the project and will therefore repeat the process
    • We will be bringing forth a second draft EIR in June with a second 45-day commenting period over the summer break with a public meeting in July
    • We will then bring forth the final EIR, findings, and a possible final vote in the fall - most likely October or November
    • I want to reiterate that I am committed to doing what is best for students - but I need to make sure that I feel comfortable that we have addressed all of our neighbor's concerns to the best of our ability
    • At this point, we will be using the appropriate legal process under CEQA and will use the recirculation of the DEIR and public commenting period as the process for engagement with our community
    • Additionally, I do not see how I can recommend late start for next year without lights.


    On January 26, 2022, Superintendent Knight provided a detailed update on the CHS Stadium Lights project to the CUSD community. Read the update here.