• About the Department
    The Communications and Community Relations Department communicates the mission, vision and values of the Carmel Unified School District and engages the community in celebration and support of students, staff and the community. The Department's goal is to increase awareness, visibility, and support for Carmel Unified schools and programs and plays a central role in engaging all stakeholders in two-way communication. Communications and Community Relations works with the Superintendent, Carmel Unified staff, the Board of Education, students, families and our community partners to actively engage students, parents, teachers, and members of the community.
    Communications and Community Relations is responsible for the majority of the District's internal and external communications, is the liaison between the school district and the news media, and connects with our community partners. We oversee communication for our school district through strategic communication planning, community relations, partnerships, marketing, branding, and advising our district leadership. Schools are supported through consulting on a variety of issues, including marketing, outreach, and crisis response. The office is responsible for Carmel Unified's district-wide internal and external publications, videography, community relations, public records requests, media relations, district website, website accessibility, and social media, to name a few.
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