• English Department

    Chair: Barb McBride

    Department members: Carli Barnettl, Dale DePalatis, Shelly Grahl, Barb McBride, Lillian Owens, Mike Palshaw, Hans Schmidt

    Math Department

    Chair: Jody Roberts

    Department members: Juan Gomez, Kurt Grahl, Dawn Hatch, Steve Nacht, Jody Roberts, Heather Roman, Andrea Smith

    Science Department

    Chair: Don Freitas

    Department members: Shannon Bertilacci, Kevin Buran, Thomas Dooner, Don Freitas, Jason Maas-Baldwin, Mishele Newkirk-Smith

    Social Science Department

    Chair: Joe McCarty

    Department members: Blaise DiGirolamo, Bruce Dini, Joe McCarty, Bill Schrier, Brent Silva, Marc Stafford, Nora Ward

    World Language Department

    Chair: Suzanne Marden

    Department members: Mia Baglietto, Tricia Bean, Maria De Paolis, Vanessa Gibaut, Joyce Liu, Suzanne Marden

    PE Department

    Chair: Debbi French

    Department members: Matt Borek, Debbi French, Phil Johnston, Kristine Tarozzi


    Department Chair: Holly Lederle

    Department members: Grace Balistreri, Brian Granbery, Brian Handley, Holly Lederle, Thomas Lehmkuhl, Steven Russell, Kristine Tarozzi

    CTE/Elective Staff

    Members: Matt Borek, Leigh Cambra, John Clymer, Cassandra Hanson, Holly Lederle 

    Special Education Department

    Chair: Sandy Mettler and Adriana Giacomelli

    Department members: Kortney Aronson, Kristine Bautista, Kiera Benidettino, Adrian Giacomelli, Sandy Mettler, Ralph Ward


    AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and it is an elective class to prepare students for acceptance and success into a 4-year university. It is a class designed to support students taking college prep classes academically, socially and emotionally. AVID is for the motivated student. We pride ourselves on our family class atmosphere.

    Staff Members: Aubrey Powers, Bridget Randazzo