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    The Carmel Unified School District Facilities Department is a team committed to providing and maintaining excellent facilities for use by students, staff, district patrons and community organizations.  The staff of custodians, maintenance technicians and groundskeepers is responsible for servicing 140 acres of ground and 320,000 square feet in 90 buildings, covering 600 square miles at 10 sites.

    We offer use of our standard classrooms, soccer- baseball- football fields, gyms, locker rooms, libraries, multi-purpose rooms and use of audio and video equipment.  Most of our sites require our basic application process.  Click Here for the application.

    Our Carmel High School Swimming Pool, Theater and Turf Football Field all have separate requirements, insurance and application processes.  You will find the seperate applications and contact person below, under Facility Use Contacts.   

    Below are the steps for our application process

    1)  Print out or electronically fill out an application Click Here 

    2)  Email it to mgarvin@carmelunified.org or Fax to 831-624-5867

    3)  Once the site Principal approves the application we will contact you with the fees due and insurance requirements

    4)  Once payment and insurance is verified the appliation goes to the Distict Office for final approval

    5)  Once final approval is complete we will email you a confirmation and add the event to our master calendar

     If you require additional assistance contact Marcie Garvin at mgarvin@carmelunified.org.


    Click here for the facilities application

    Click here for group definitions and fee schedule

    Click here for insurance requirements

    Facility Use Contacts
    Carmel High School Theater & Carmel High School Football Field
    Marcie Garvin
    831-624-6311 ex. 2061
    Walthour Aquatic Center / Carmel High School Swimming Pool 
    Dan Paul
    Facilities and Transportation Director
    831-624.6311 ex.2062


    Community Feedback - Our facilities team wants to hear from our neighbors and community members about any issues or improvement ideas you have for our sites. If you have anything you wish to share with the facilities department, please submit your feedback here. Your information will be submitted and will be included in future discussions related to facilities improvements.