CPO is a formal parent club founded in 1995. They have monthly meetings at Carmelo school. Free childcare is always provided.

    CPO Objectives are:

    To assist Carmel Child Development Center, Transitional Kindergarten, and the Carmel Adult School Co-op Preschool in meeting students’ needs

          A.  Indoor/outdoor materials & equipment
          B. “Discretionary” emergency funds
          C.  Early/strong sense of belonging

    To meet the parents’ needs

          A. Strengthening parenting skills
          B. The sense of community/fun

    CPO Activities are:

    To meet material/discretionary needs (Fundraising)
    • Trike-A-Thon
    • Classroom projects & Silent Auction
    • T-Shirt/sweatshirt/Klean Kanteen/Magnet sales
    • Spring Fling or Raffle

    To build a sense of belonging/community
    •    Parent Coffees
    •    Trikeathon
    •    Fall Feast
    •    Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
    •    End of the Year Picnic in the Park
    •    Monthly CPO meetings

    To strengthen parenting skills
      a. Offer 'Positive Solutions' parenting series with instructor