• What our students are saying!

    "Please consider this my endorsement of the Carmel Adult School program. I have participated in numerous art classes provided through the adult program over the last eight years since my retirement. They have enriched my life and I can speak for others that attend these classes as well. While the education of our young is of paramount importance, the continued education and enrichment of the life of our older population should not be ignored. We need to encourage our aging population to participate in the community around us and, through them, the community will be the better for it."
    – Leslie Hodgin

    "The adult education classes meet the needs of a community that is hungry to learn from the talent so richly available in our area..."
    – Anne Heryer

    "It's thanks to your photoshop classes at Carmel High that I'm doing so well with my business here in Carmel. What I have learned has helped me to work on my own website; to edit and send photos to my clients, and a hundred other daily uses I didn't know before taking these classes. I've also learned more about how to use the internet to my advantage. It's thanks to what I've learned that I'm still in business in these challenging times.

    I also take painting from Tim and Rose Sloan, and ceramics from Gisela and Melissa, who are wonderful teachers and people. I've already sold two of my paintings and have sold some of my fellow students (ceramics) works at my gallery.

    – Nancy Dodds

    "I have been attending sculpture classes  for the past four semesters with Gisela and Melissa, and am now considering becoming a professional sculptor. Not only is the class a wonderful technical training ground, but is a supportive atmosphere where people talk as they work and connect with their neighbors. There is a warm spirit of community that so many of us long for in these days of electronic isolation.

    I truly believe these accessible classes give students the opportunity to explore their passions and live happier lives. I don't think you can put a price tag on that."

    – Maria Sutherland

    "I would like to recommend and endorse Anita Nolls for exceptional contributions as couturier in design, style, color and enhancement of clothing. She is one of those rare people in life who stands out not only in natural talent and professional European skills but also promotes self image of her students through patient, positive teaching of sewing.

    For over thirty years, Anita has taught "sewing," a modest word in defining what her class is about. She has students from age 30 to 90. I've been in Anita's tutelage only two-and-a-half years and have learned so much! Her class has enriched my life and the lives of many others as well."

    – Alinda Worley

    "My name is Milt Jines and I am a senior resident of Carmel who very much appreciates the educational opportunities provided us by The Carmel Unified Board of Education. I am currently enrolled in the ceramics and ceramic sculpture classes being offered at The Sunset Center. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to learn new endeavors and develop new creative art skills. It is my sincerest hope that you will continue to foster this wonderful community benefit because I feel it is (also) a positive health matter for the older set."
    – Milt Jines

    Please feel free to send your own experiences and endorsements of Carmel Adult School classes!