Board of Education

Carmel Unified School District (CUSD) Mission

  • The Carmel Unified School District community produces lifelong learners who are prepared for the challenges of higher education, the workplace, and their role as citizens of an ever-changing global community.
    We believe ...
    • in lifelong learning;
    • high standards are essential for achieving excellence; everyone deserves
      the opportunity to develop his/her potential;
    • all people have the right to be safe;
    • the family is the most important element in the growth and development
      of an individual;
    • it takes a whole community to educate a child;
    • we have responsibility for the environment;
    • everyone deserves respect;
    • one person can make a difference;
    • every individual can achieve personal excellence;
    • we are responsible for our actions;
    • growth of body, mind, and spirit are equally important and interrelated;
    • in the importance of moral values and ethical standards;
    • positive self-esteem is essential;
    • living by example is the best expression of one's beliefs;
    • in the importance of creativity and innovation;
    • it is every employee's responsibility to support each student's success



Last Modified on November 27, 2019