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    Rising 9th Grade Powerpoint




    COUNSELOR'S OFFICE HOURS: Open Access for all Grade Levels


    Darren Johnston: Counselor for Last Names  A-F

                                                     Monday: 2:00pm - 3:30pm  https://carmelunified.zoom.us/j/91096663001   Passcode: Johnston                                                                                       Tuesday: 11:45am - 12:15pm https://carmelunified.zoom.us/j/99180579290  Passcode: Johnston                                                    Wednesday: 2:00pm - 3:30pm  https://carmelunified.zoom.us/j/99989463059 Passcode: Johnston


                                                                                 Yesel Von Ruden: Counselor for Last Names G-M                                                                                                                                                      

                                                    Monday 1:45-3:45pm: https://carmelunified.zoom.us/j/99531205958  Passcode:  Smiling                                                          Wednesday 1:45-3:45pm: https://carmelunified.zoom.us/j/99531205958   Passcode: Sunshine


    Jeff Rogers: Counselor for Last Names N-Z

                                                     Monday - Thursday 8 - 8:45    Zoom Link: https://carmelunified.zoom.us/j/96318796742. Passcode: Bali                                                       Tuesday & Thursday 11:45 -12:30 Zoom Link: https://carmelunified.zoom.us/j/91773437271 Passcode: Bali





     CHS College Application Overview 2020


    Senior Checklist and Timeline 2020-2021


    Cal State Apply Freshman Application Guide 2020


    CSU Application Do's and Don'ts


    Carmel High School School Profile 2019-20


    UC Application Tutorial 2020 


    UC Application Workshop Recording 2020


    Common Application Tutorial 2020




    Testing Information

    Please view information regarding the upcoming SAT/AP tests here: CollegeBoard Coronavirus Updates


    Please view information regarding the upcoming ACT tests here: ACT Student






    The Carmel High School College & Career Center is located directly adjacent to our library and is open M-F from 7:45 am to 3:30 pm.  


    Please visit our Moodle page via the COLLEGE RESOURCES TAB on the left where you'll find extensive information on College Testing, UC/CSU Admissions Requirements and Statistics, Application Information, etc. The College & Career Center staff is available via telephone or email (email is preferred) to respond to parent/guardian questions.

    Contact Mrs. Hunt for questions related to:

    • Financial Aid/FAFSA
    • Scholarships
    • College Testing (SAT/ACT)
    • Test Prep
    • NAVIANCE Support
    • Initial College Search
    • College Application Questions
    • Identifying College Choice Factors  

    Contact your counselor for questions related to:

    • Identifying Reach, Target, and Safety Schools
    • Connecting College Choice Factors to Prospective Schools
    • Scheduling Recommendations & Advice
    • College Admissions Essays
    • UC Personal Insight Questions
    • Community College Transfer Programs
    • Certificate Completion Programs 



    STUDENTS can request an appointment by either emailing  Mrs. Hunt or stopping in the College & Career Center. 

    PARENTS/GUARDIANS are recommended to contact the College & Career Center directly for questions or to request an appointment. For the quickest response, please email your student's counselor.