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    Dear Carmel Unified School District Families:

    I am excited to welcome back families for the 2018-2019 school year! After what we hope was a restful, relaxing summer, we are truly looking forward to seeing your children return on the first day of school which is Tuesday, August 14, 2018.

    Today was the first day back for all employees. During our Opening Welcome Back Breakfast Meeting I shared what I find so unique about Carmel Unified. We truly believe in the importance of knowing “Every Student By Name and Need,” it is our goal to connect with every student and support them with resources and learning experiences to help them reach their potential.  Part of the reason we can do this is our relatively small size, but this focus is also a part of our longstanding educational philosophy.

    Let me share an analogy I used today with our employees. Northern California is blessed to have some of the world’s tallest trees. I was amazed to learn that these 300 ft. tall Coastal Redwood trees do not have deep roots. Instead they are able to grow tall and withstand the wind and storms because their underground roots reach out widely and interlock with the roots of neighboring trees in the forest. They survive and thrive because they connect and support each other.  Similarly, in CUSD, we focus on helping each student be all that they can be, but we know that we must develop and maintain supportive systems and structures for that to occur. We also depend on the collaborative partnerships that we have within the district and with you, our parents. When these connections are in place, nothing can stop us. Working together we are a mighty forest!

    To that end, we invite you to stay connected with your school site and the district.  We have many opportunities for parent engagement throughout the year and value your participation.

    Whether it be at a PTO/PTA meeting or attending a sporting event or concert, your presence is valued by us and by your child! We frequently have need of parents to serve on district and site committees, too. Please let your site principal know if you are interested in being a parent participant!

    Once again, let me welcome you to the beginning of what I believe will be an amazing school year! I look forward to continuing my journey as your superintendent working alongside our amazing staff in educating your children!

    My best to you always,
    Barb Dill-Varga, Ed.D.


    Barb Dill-Varga

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