• *Welcome to the Children's Garden*


       Established, in the Summer of 2007, The Tularcitos Outdoor Classroom is a hands-on, learning environment where students explore Nature with their senses while viewing the living world through an integrative lens. Where science, sustainability & community come together and become second nature. By cultivating and harvesting their own foods, our Bobcat scholars experience a deeper understanding of the patterns and relationships found in Nature.
       Our goals are to enhance academic achievement, encourage healthy lifestyles and develop social & environmental stewardship. Within this program, three major components represent our core values: Nutrition and living a Healthy lifestyle; Eco-literacy, where students are introduced to basic ecological principles - the patterns, processes and relationships of the natural world; and plant science -- Botany, Ethno-botany (check it out!) and small-scale, Regenerative Agriculture. Our lessons adhere to the California State Standards while nurturing children's natural curiosity for the world around them.
    *Dig deeply, be Kind to all & Keep Growing.*

*Planting Seeds for our future*
  • *Planting Seeds for our future*

*Lunchtime Garden Club ~ Open to All*
  • *Lunchtime Garden Club ~ Open to All*

*Who knew Onion roots smelled so good! What shall we make?
  • *Who knew Onion roots smell so good! What shall we make?*

*Snacks well-earned, after satisfying Garden work*
  • *Snacks well-earned, after satisfying Garden work*

    *Be well & Blooming Blessings to all*
                      ~Ms. Lauren, Organic Garden Teaching Specialist



  • For more information or to learn how you can help,
    please email the Garden Teacher, Lauren Gamblin at
    ~Stay tuned for more updates~
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