• Character Counts at Tularcitos!
    six pillar kids
       It is always primarily a parent's job to teach a child how to behave and make wise choices, but other institutions and adults working with young people play critical support roles.
       It is our belief that the CHARACTER COUNTS! program can only enrich our children, our families, our school and our community if parents embrace it and bring its words, lessons and principles into their home and hearts.
    What is Character?
       Character is what a person is inside.  It is how we think and feel, as well as how we act towards others.  Character is about doing the right thing because it makes us feel good inside.  It doesn't matter if anyone is watching.  It involves doing the right thing whether it is convenient, easy, popular or not.  Character is having moral strength.
    Why Teach About Character?
       A person's "character" is the summation of his or her habits, attitudes and attributes.  Because those qualities are learned, they can also be purposefully taught.  And they should be - because good character doesn't happen automatically, and it's too important to be left to chance.  The effectiveness and well being of individuals, their organizations and their society depend on it.
Last Modified on August 4, 2009