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                                       Homework and Activities During School Closure
                                               Please return work when we restart school.

March 16, 2020

Dear Third Grade Families,

Here is a list of instructions to get you and your third grader through the next two weeks, and beyond, for learning and engaging in review activities.  

Language Arts

  • Please have your child read for at least 30 minutes each day.  Remember that even reading comic books and magazines inspire interest and learning.
  • We included 5 fun writing prompts and an Opinion Writing packet.  We are expecting 2 paragraphs/essays per week

Here is a guide for Language Arts School/Homework in addition to the reading and writing.  We are starting with Unit 3. We are expecting 1 story per week.


 In the Hardback Textbook read the Story beginning on page 194 --  Then complete the workbook pages 67-73


  1. Story page 220-workbook pages 74-80
  2. Story page 240-workbook pages 81-87
  3. Story page 258-workbook pages 88-94
  4. Story page 272-workbook pages 95-101

If we need to extend our time away from school, please continue this cycle for Unit 4.

If you would like additional resources and fun games to go along with each story, or have the story read out loud, you may access ConnectEd on Classlinks.

Social Studies-

We have included 8 newspapers that address a variety of topics about the places where we live.  You are able to listen to each article and access additional activities on the computer. Use Classlinks (Studies Weekly) to engage in more learning.


Most of the math we are expecting from our students is review.  However, we would like students to explore and learn about measurement and data.  We have included Topic 15 and Topic 16, which we expect to be completed. Remember that the Reteaching Page has detailed instructions.  Please use the hardback textbooks for reference and more practice.

*Please practice math skills by visiting Imagine Math by using the Classlinks icon on our school website.

*If you would like help explaining topics to your child, access the Khan Academy website, and just search the topic with third grade as part of the search.

*In addition to this math learning, students also need to keep up on the math facts- focusing on all four operations:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. They can access Reflex Math on Classlinks to help with practice.  There are also many websites that you can use to download flashcards or practice sheets to aid in the memorization of facts.

Additional Activities/Resources on Classlinks

*Typing Agent.

*Brain Pop 

*ST Math  

*Don’t forget to search for a variety of enrichment activities throughout our school website.

                         Thank you so much!  Please stay safe and healthy,

                                                                            Mrs. Parker

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