Hello Parents, 

    Here are the general directions for our homework bags.

    In each bag you will find:

    • Math Mats: The directions are on the bottom of each page. Your child may have completed these already but they should review and practice. 


    • Social Studies Magazines: Please read each magazine with your child and complete the back page.


    • Purple Kindergarten Journals: There is a list of prompts below. Please remind your child to use all the conventions of writing (Capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, ending mark, spaces between words, neat letters, spelling words they can correctly and sounding out words they can’t spell). Be sure to draw a picture!


    • Yellow Language Arts Workbooks: Please have your child complete any of the pages up to page 212. There are reading books you can tear out and have your child color and read. The directions for each page are at the bottom of the pages. If specific stories are referenced, you can skip these pages. Please make sure your child uses their best penmanship!


    • We are including a bag of crayons and pencils. You may keep these at home.


    • Below you will find ideas for journal writing, STEAM activities and links to other pages  you can access. They include Jack Hartman videos (fun, active and educational), a March developmental calendar, playdough recipe, art hub (directed drawing lessons), Storyline Online, links to Mrs. Campbell’s alphabet and sight word songs, a link to  Scholastic’s Watch and Learn library, sight word slide show

    We hope you find this helpful. We will miss you all but know this is best for everyone. 


    Charissa, Dee and Michele

    The Kindergarten Team




    You may use any items from home in your creation.

    Remember to think like an inventor, be a problem solver, use your imagination and have fun!


    Take a picture or video of your project to send to your teacher! She can put it up on her webpage!


    1. Build a leprechaun trap.


    1. Create something useful from materials in nature.


    1. Create something useful out of materials that can be recycled.


    1. Create an object that can move.


    1. Create an object that floats.


    You can write about it in your purple journal!

    Journal Ideas

    1. What would you do if you found a leprechaun?
    2. How would you use a pot of gold?
    3. What is your favorite animal and why?
    4. What is your favorite activity at school and why?
    5. How can you help your mom or dad more at home?
    6. Do you like puzzles or coloring better, why?
    7. If you could give a gift to anyone, who would you give it to and what would it be?
    8. Would you rather play in the snow or at the beach. Why?
    9. Name someone who is kind to you. What has that person done for you?
    10. Name 3 things that you have learned in kindergarten. Which was the easiest to learn? Which was the hardest?
    11. What is your favorite vegetable?
    12. What vegetable do you dislike and why?
    13. Write the directions for how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    14. Make a list of all the things you can see outside your bedroom window.
    15. Would you rather be an artist or a teacher, why?

    Useful Links


    Scholastic Remote Learning Library


    Storyline Online



    Jack Hartmann



    Art Hub



    Play dough recipe



    Sight Word Slide Show



    March Developmental Calendar



    Letter Sound Practice with Mrs. Campbell



    Sight Word Practice with Mrs. Campbell, part 1



    Sight Word Practice with Mrs. Campbell, part 2



    Hello Parents and Children

    I have been thinking about all of you so much and hope you are doing well. I miss you and your smiles so much!

    I know many of you are going through the materials that were given to you. I would like to give you a few more suggestions to help you with school work.

    1. Writing: we had just begun a unit on persuasive writing. In kindergarten it is telling what is a favorite something and giving reasons why (at least 3). For instance, “My favorite color is blue because it is the color of the sky, the ocean is blue and my eyes are blue.”
    2. Math: practice writing math equations both horizontally and vertically.
    3. Math: practice doubles (1+1, 2+2, 3+3…), doubles plus 1 (1+2, 2+3, 3+4), doubles minus 1 (2-1, 3-1, 4-1), any number plus 0 (1+0, 2+0, 3+0), any number minus 0 (1-0, 2-0, 3-0)
    4. Card game: use the number cards and instead of “war” add the numbers together.
    5. Make a list of words that rhyme (aka word families) For example: cat, hat, sat, rat. Even make believe words are good: wip, mip, tof, mof…



    I hope to see you soon! Feel free to send pictures and I can post them!


    Ms. Neuhaus

Last Modified on March 18, 2020