Update for the week of 2/25/2019: 
    MATH: Our study of fractions is progressing as we are figuring out what fractions are and why we need equivalent fractions. We are using vocabulary such as the words factors and multiples daily, and are remembering the rules of divisibility.
    It's truly vital to know your multiplication and division facts, so please encourage your child to practice these at home twice daily, if those facts are not cemented yet.
    Fractions are all around us, and I am challenging you and your child to find them around the house, on the road, wherever you are. Perhaps it's time to do some baking at home to practice how useful equivalent fractions are (ex. 1/4 is 2/8, etc...) 
    Our trimester ends soon (the 15th of February), and we are trying to make sure that everyone has enough AR points for the trimester! Keep on reading every day, and testing at school (the test can only be taken at school, not at home)!
    In social studies, we are continuing to learn about California history, and are immersing ourselves in the California Gold Rush, while still keeping our knowledge of missions in mind. 
    The class novel we are readin is By the Great Horn Spoon. We are learning about history, geography, and much more while reading this novel.
    We are beginning to plan for Mission Building days on 2/28 and 3/1. We would love to have many volunteers for the morning and afternoon of 2?28. Please let me know if you are available!
    Each of the five mission building groups will build the mission they designed from the ground up on our Mission Building Days on 2/28 and 3/1.
    ***We are in need of five foam poster boards, and a volunteer who would be willing to paint them for us ahead of the project. Thank you so much in advance!
    Our field trip to Mission San Juan Bautista will be on Tuesday, February 26th. We would greatly appreciate a multitude of chaperones for that day, as this is an opportunity to examine a mission closely ahead of Mission Building Days on Thursday and Friday of that week, 2/28 and 3/1. 
    Wishing you all a happy week ahead!
    Your Partner in Learning,
    Michele Hoover