Update for the week of 4/22/2019: 
    MATH: We have begun our study of measurement and measurement conversions, and are also working on problem solving and learning more about geometry.  As mentioned, we are studying two math topics at the same time to be sure all students know all areas of the 4th grade math curriculum before the SBAC testing begins on May
    6th. SBAC stands for Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium, by the way... all those acronyms.
    Topic 14 Math Test: Thursday, 4/25
    Topic 15 and 16 will be assessed in the weeks after SBAC testing
    ***Please help your child: It is vital to know your multiplication and division facts, so please encourage your child to practice these at home twice daily, if those facts are not cemented yet.
    To be prepared for SBAC testing, we are lucky enough to have parent volunteers bring a healthy snack, gum, and water to class each morning the week of May 6th. I hope everyone comes to school especially well rested that week!
    In social studies, we have slowed our pace as we prepare for testing. We will continue to learn about California history in May.
    We are also continuing with the class novel  By the Great Horn Spoon, though we have slowed down our forward progress due to our busy schedule! 
    Wishing you all a happy, and relaxing week ahead!
    Your Partner in Learning,
    Michele Hoover