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    Ms. Reimer  

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    Home School Update 5/27/20

    Dear Parents,

    I can't tell you how hard it was to click "end meeting" after that whole class zoom time we just had. I wasn't quite prepared for the waves of emotion that continue to wash over me. One thing I failed to do was ask all our volunteers to jump "on screen" so the whole class could say THANK YOU! All the time you devoted to helping with reading, math groups, art, field trips, donations, staff lunch, recess duty and more is so very much appreciated and has not been forgotten.

    Mrs. Bartoli and I just shared how full of love our hearts are for this sweet group (students and all of you parents/grandparents). We are so grateful to you for being supportive and kind this year and especially during these last few months. As teachers we not only care deeply about each and every child's education but their entire well-being. It has been extremely hard not to be there for them and for you in a way we are familiar with. YOU all have done an amazing job taking on the teaching role while managing all the other parts and pieces in your lives. We have been impressed by your dedication and commitment to keeping routines and learning going under very different circumstances. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding as we all continue to navigate through uncharted waters, doing our very best each step of the way.


    Kim Reimer and Kristen Bartoli


    A few final updates:

    • Packets available to pick up Monday and Tuesday - Packets include the following: a letter to the students (attached here as well), student created books (Memory calendar and Character counts), Student folder with ELA and Math assessments for your reference if desired.
    • Report Cards will be sent home after the last official day of school June 5th.
    • Classlink will be available until June 19th, 2020. While Classlink will be accessible, support for Classlink and related apps will be limited. Some Classlink apps may be inaccessible due to vendor maintenance or upgrades. I am reaching out to our vendors to try to keep as many Classlink Apps available as possible. I'll communicate any known outages to you as I receive them. On June 22nd, we will be rolling our Aeries database into the 2020/2021 school year, and we will remove access to Classlink as we begin to configure our apps for the upcoming year.
    • This is our last academic week but please feel free to reach out to me the rest of this week and all next week. I am involved in some online training in the afternoons but am happy to answer questions or help with anything if you shoot me an email.

    ​Much love,


    Kim Reimer


    Home School Update 5/18/20

    Dear first grade families,
    The final weeks of school are upon us and I am experiencing quite the range of emotions. I came across this list of classic books that made me smile and thought you might want to look through your collections and revisit them. Books that teach kids mindfulness
    • This week (May 18-22) will be our last "regular" week, meaning the Tuesday and Thursday teacher sessions sign up here and 10:00 Wed. class meeting on ZOOM. This week on Zoom we will give our final "stars" (Macayla, Claire, Cash and Hanna) a chance to share and answer questions. We will also try out a Go Noodle together!


    • Next week (May 25-29) will include a special last class Zoom meeting (Wednesday 5/27 10:00) as well as an invitation to join a small group goodbye throughout the week. Please let me know if the time you are assigned doesn't work and we will find another time. I'll send the schedule out by this Wednesday at the latest. 


    • (June 1-2) Pick up and drop off materials in Bobcat Hall. I'll be preparing all of your child's remaining projects and materials for you to keep. Please plan to return the following: 4 Wonders books (Anthology, Reading/writing workshop, 2 small decodables) Any Library books , Math and social studies work. Originally, we wanted the journals returned, but decided we would rather you keep them so your child can stay in the routine of writing over the summer. If you like, you can send me a photo of your child's best/favorite journal entry.There will be a bin on the table for schoolwork and a bag for hardcover books on our classroom tables in Bobcat Hall.


    • Final chapters of Gooseberry Park are now on the website Gooseberry Park I hope your child enjoyed the book! 
    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, 
    Big love,
    Kim Reimer

    Home School Update 5/11/20

    Dear Parents,
    I hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend and that all mom's felt special and loved! I enjoyed a special Mother's Day with my mom. I have been caring for her in her home these past two weeks. We haven't spent this much time together since I was in elementary school! It has been a blessing for us both. My understanding and empathy for all of you has grown deeper. Caring for kids and loved ones, teaching one or more students, working, managing technology and trying to take care of yourself must be completely overwhelming at times! I appreciate each of you and the current and unique situation each family is in. Please know I am here to help. If the teacher sessions on Tuesday or Thursday don't work for you, please let me know. I am available at other days and times. I just tried to make the schedule simple to remember. Also, know that the session doesn't have to include your child if you just want to touch base with me, that is great too.
    A few updates:
    • We plan to ZOOM this Wednesday at 10:00 (info. on website and you can expect a reminder email with the link as well)
    1. SCAVENGER HUNT/ MYSTERY SHAPE If possible, have your child hunt for an object that matches one of the shapes they've been learning about (plane or solid shape). When it's their turn they can describe it and show it OR for a challenge, they can describe it and we can guess. For example, "my shape is a small green sphere, it came from the kitchen, it's a food you eat and you eat a lot together" (green pea) Shape ideas: plane/flat shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle) solid figures (sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, rectangular prism, pyramid) 
    2. Open share if time after that. Next week on zoom we will get back to STAR time with Macayla and Claire!
    • Great new link....really! You may have already heard about it. I put in on the website and titled it Best NEW Link Wide Open School
    • Also don't forget to check out the padlet on the website - it's fun to see what friends are up to. Post to the Padlet
    • I also added an Elephant and Piggie story to the website Waiting is Not Easy by Mo Willems
    Thanks again for the appreciation last week! However, YOU are the teachers we are really appreciating right now. Thank you for all you are doing to keep learning engaging and positive for your child!
    Kim Reimer

    Home School Update 5/4/20


    Hello first grade families,
    I hope you are keeping your spirits up and continue to focus on the well being of you and your loved ones. 
    "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."
    Desmond Tutu
    Just a few updates this week...
    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Macayla, Claire, Cash and Hanna! See website for their emails if you'd like to write them a note.
    • Math - Data and Graphing! Brainpop has a great video Brain Pop Jr. and I've attached a photo of our tooth chart (in email) which can prompt some journal writing: What do you notice? Try to use math vocabulary : more, less, fewer than, most, least. 
    • Time Capsule ideas: see attached document (in email)
    • Zoom this week: Find something you are thankful for! (show and/or tell about it). This week's STARS, Dean and Madison get a chance to share and answer questions.
    • Teacher Sessions - If you'd like your time to be recurring each week just make a note and I'll keep your name in that slot. Teacher Sessions 
    • Gooseberry Park - I hope your child is enjoying the book and making predictions along the eway. Keep checking the website for new chapters...I post a few each week. There are nineteen chapters in all. Gooseberry Park
    The power of hope upon human exertion, and happiness, is wonderful." - Abraham Lincoln
    Much love,
    Kim Reimer

    Home School Update 4/23/20

    Dear first grade families,
    Thank you for promptly picking up the packets/bags for your children early this week. I'm hopeful the hands on materials will break up some of the screen time and that the schedule ideas will help with routines during the coming weeks. 
    There are some fun new things on our class website you might want to check out! Ms. Reimer's class website
    • RAZ Kids - books for your child to read at their level. See the attached letter at the bottom for ideas. Access this through classlink and the password is your child's lunch number 2x with no spaces Let me know if you need your child's number again. It was in the first packet on a yellow sheet but I know that was forever ago and I"m happy to look it up for you. 
    • REFLEX MATH - My name is the username and then your child's lunch number 2x. This is another way to master addition and subtraction facts before the end of the year.
    • ZOOM agenda and link (Wednesdays at 10:00) Next time we will try a partner share just like we used to do on Team Time Tuesdays! We will also start giving our remaining "Stars" a chance to be interviewed and share something special. We hope you can all join us! I attached the star survey so students can prepare and also be thinking of questions they might ask the star. 
    • BIRTHDAYS (birthdays of the current month) Please let me know if your child has an upcoming birthday and you'd like to opt out of me sharing your email.
    • FIELD TRIPS- Some videos and some other ideas for you to take a trip on your own.
    • READ ALOUD - This is typically the time of year I read a chapter book titled Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant; so I recorded myself reading one chapter at a time for students to listen to. I uploaded the first five chapters so far. 
    • STORYTIME: This is where you can find me reading relevant picture books like Me on the Map and Time To... These relate to what students are doing in math and social studies. 
    • PADLETS - Everyone is SO happy to see what each other is up to, so keep checking it out and uploading your photos or videos. I'm hoping to post some kid friendly recipes on the ART and RECIPE padlet. Sadly, my first attempt at 3 ingredient PB cookies was a fail, but I'll stick to it!
    • Link to SESSIONS with Ms. Reimer- sign up for help or just to connect. If you want specific help, it's nice to note the subject you want to focus on next to your email or phone so I can gather resources. Teacher Sessions with Ms. Reimer
    Please know all your dedication and time is appreciated even if your child may not express it right now. I know how hard you are working and truly want to help in whatever way possible. 
    Stay in touch and take care of yourself and one another. 

    Home School Update 4/20/20 (This is in your latest packet to pick up today or tomorrow)

    Updated Parent Communication about Weekly Expectations and Daily Schedules  

    Dear Parents, 

    In this bundle of student work you will find:

    English Language Arts materials- Wonders hardcover Literature anthology, Unit 5 & 6 Decodable Readers (small paperback), and Wonders California Reading and Writing Workshop hardcover book. We really appreciate you caring and keeping track of these books. They will need to be returned at the end of the school year.

    • Please see attached Wonders materials weekly assignments for specific activities and page numbers that you may choose to have your child complete. (RED cardstock in middle of folder)

    Social studies materials - Scholastic News and Social Studies student editions for the remainder of the school year; Me on the Map mini book to complete. Use the Studies Weekly as a resource to help your child complete Me on the Map. They are paperclipped together. We would normally focus on one page of the book per week. They have already done the planning page for their CITY. (Right side of folder)

    Math materials- Envision Math Student Workmats to help support learning in math for the remainder of the school year. Please focus on the inside and the back only. They are grouped by unit. Start at the top of the stack. (Left side of folder)

    Below are details about online access and supplemental materials to support learning. 

    • Reading with Raz-Kids While many families have already taken advantage of the online books available in epic! and/or other sites, first grade has newly adopted a more regimented and leveled reading program called Raz-Kids,which can be accessed now on ClassLink (password is student lunch number 2x). Parents can also login at home to view student progress by logging in as your child using their ClassLink password, clicking on the parent login button in the upper right hand corner and requesting access. I have already set their reading levels as a guide.
    • Social Studies Access the accompanying quizzes, videos and online editions through ClassLink.
    • Scholastic News Please remember to login to Scholastic News as a student using the code MrsORoom20 to gain online access to videos, activities, vocabulary, and games that accompany each issue.
    • Math - Unfortunately student online access to Envision is no longer available. Supplementary math support and activities can be found at these web links:


    We understand that every child learns differently and will require time and flexibility to settle into a daily regimen. Parents should decide which time of day works best for their student to be able to focus on more difficult tasks such as a new reading level or a new math concept. With that in mind, remember that the following schedule is a suggested framework for learning that needs to happen daily, every few days, or once a week. These times are applicable to regularly scheduled school days, Monday through Friday, starting Monday, April 20th and ending Friday, May 29th.

    • Please continue to have your child read to you out loud every day for at least 15 minutes. Students may choose from the Wonders books, Raz-Kids (on classlink), epic! Click for website or a book of their choosing that they can read with a little help from a parent.
    • Spelling City This week we are reviewing Week 26 on Spelling City. Please continue each week with spelling practice online and using paper and pencil. Give the test each Friday in student journals.
    • Student handwriting practice books: Please complete two pages a day 3 days a week.
    • Student journals & student dictionaries: Please complete three opinion, narrative or informational pieces a week. One of each genre throughout the week would be great practice!  A complete piece includes: an introduction; at least three details; and a conclusion sentence. Some possible prompts are: Family fun; a mini book report; a “how to____” ; A star of the Week book for someone you know; a report on any topic you know a lot about or used research to learn about. 
    • Math Practice
      • Please complete 30 minutes of ST Math a day (20 minutes of the "cone" levels and 10 minutes of facts fluency practice- look for the clock).  Try Reflex Math too!
      • Envision Math - Please complete one student workmat each day. Focus on the middle and back. We often do the back first!                     
    • Student issues of Social Studies lessons: To be completed one a week
    • Scholastic News/ Science Spin magazines: To be completed one a week; Online content that matches each issue is available on your child's teacher's webpage.
    • Also click on the links for Music, Science, Spanish and PE, available on ClassLink and their class web pages.
    • Please refer to the  Language Arts Wonders Assigment Guide for Home Study for detailed weekly lesson ideas and assignments, if this fits into your family dynamic. (red cardstock in middle of folder). It is not meant to overwhelm you, but to serve as a “go to guide” for what to do each week. You can certainly tweak it to your child’s needs as you see fit! This is not mandatory.

    Home School Update 4/10/20

    Dear First Grade Families,
    Your dedication and commitment to creating a routine for your family is impressive and appreciated. I'm hopeful you might enjoy a reprieve from school work next week, yet, if you don't want to break the flow, keep it up! Mr. Peterson shared the general plan for after spring break and I'd also like to give you my plan so you know what to expect. 
    • Packets to be picked up include a generous amount of materials organized in a folder on top. In the center of that folder (inside plastic sleeve) you will find the most current update titled "Updated Parent Communication about Weekly Expectations and Daily Schedules" I will also send this document out on Monday with more details. 
    • Mindful Mondays with Ms. Amy will continue on 4/20 at 10:00
    • Wednesday Class meetings at 10:00am continue after spring break 4/22. Let's focus on ART next time we get together! Feel free to share any kind of art you've been doing (drawing, painting, music, sculpture, poetry, dance, song etc.) or just share about your week.
    • Teacher sessions with Ms. Reimer Tuesday 4/21 and Thursday 4/23 Sign up HERE I'm available to help in any way or just to check in and connect.
    I sincerely hope you are able to take a break from everything in the coming week. Remain hopeful, take care of yourself and each other.
    You are all in my heart,
    Kim Reimer

    Home School Update- April 7, 2020

    Dear Families & First Grade Friends,

    Congratulations on finishing week three of distance learning! I am sending a big hug out to all of you! Thank you for working so hard at home. I hope you have created a schedule that works for your family. Remember the most important schedule is one that is flexible and one that works for you all.

    This week is Week 26 for Spelling.  Please have your child study the list for Week 26 on Spelling City, testing them on Friday in their journals.  Your child’s weekly work includes: 15-20 minutes of daily reading, learning new spelling words, handwriting practice pages, writing in their journals, practicing math skills on STMath every day. There is also a new way to practice math facts on REFLEX math if you want a break from ST math. Go to classlink to sign in. Classlink  Reflex math has a green leaf with a white letter R. If it asks for a teacher username = kimreimer.

    Also this week, we are making new packets to get us through the end of the year.  These will be available to you after spring break. Mr. Peterson sent out detailed information on how to pick up the packets in his last Friday email. The new packets will include more Social Studies Magazines, Scholastic News, daily math mats, and our Wonders Reading Series. 

    *Tomorrow will be the last day I will have access to the classroom. So, if there is anything you need from the room to help you with instruction I can add it to your child's bag if you let me know by noon on Wednesday = tomorrow

    We will hold a class meeting via Zoom every Wednesday from 10:00-10:30

    Ms. Amy will continue her Mindful Monday's zoom meetings at 10:00 with Kindergarten and First grade. I hope you accepted her invitation to make a Kindness Poster! 

    Kim Reimer is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Class Meeting
    Time: Apr 8, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 152 440 834
    Password: 9pyb5i

    One tap mobile
    +16699006833,,152440834# US (San Jose)
    Dial by your location
            +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
            +1 253 215 8782 US
            +1 301 715 8592 US
    Meeting ID: 152 440 834
    Password: 368750
    Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ajCuylhb2

    I know it can be hard to accept that we will not be returning to school this year. I've been having lots of feelings about it. Just remember that together will go forward and make the best of the situation. Afterall, our BIG idea this year is CHANGE! 

    One thing I have really enjoyed is seeing all the JOY you've been posting on our class padlet. You are all amazing and I thank you for making my day. 

     Upload to our Padlet here

    Stay happy and healthy and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

    Big love, hugs, and high fives,

    Ms. Kim Reimer

    • Parent School Closure Update- March 30, 2020

      Hi Parents!

      I am sending a great big hug out to all of you as we head into our third week apart. It is unfortunate, but obviously necessary that our separation will continue until early May, or longer. I've already facetimed with a few students and it was wonderful and a bit emotional to see your sweet faces at home. I look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible in the coming days. Here is the link if you want to sign up. Schedule

      We are also goinig to try to meet as a class on ZOOM - see details below and in an email to follow. Students will get a turn to share a "rose and/thorn" like we typically do on Mondays or they can choose to do a mini show and tell, or it can be as simple as saying Hi to their friends and maybe telling us a joke!

      Kim Reimer is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting this THURSDAY 10:00AM.

      Topic: First Grade Class Meeting
      Time: Apr 2, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

      Join Zoom Meeting

      Meeting ID: 838 661 020

      I am keenly aware that the daunting task of homeschooling your child, long term, has suddenly been thrust upon you all. With that in mind, here are a few links for some stress relief for parents, which we all need in abundance right now:

       This is a good New York Times article entitled “Love and Structure will Carry us Through” from their parenting section


       You might also need to read this article…


       Last, you might like this YouTube link for “Medit-ocean” from the Monterey Bay Aquarium


       Also, here is another great source for ebooks:



      Other work for the week

      As always, teachers will continue to add valuable learning resources to our webpage and ClassLink (with the help of Mrs. Peterson) as we find them.

      Going forward please have your child study and take the spelling test for week 24 if you haven’t done so already. Next week, please have your child study the list for week 25 on Spelling City, testing them on Friday on a page in their journals.

      Remember to keep practicing handwriting, writing in journals and practicing math skills on ST math and the other fun links. 

      Stay healthy and strong, everyone!

      Sending hugs and lots of love to each of you!

      Ms. Kim Reimer


    • Parent School Closure Update - March 26, 2020

      Hello Everyone,
      I hope this email finds you well. I heard a telling quote, "It's been quite a year this past week" and it sure feels that way! It has been challenging to stick to a routine but it is getting a little easier each day. My hope is that you're finding a plan that works for your family, household and schedule. I imagine there are many challenges for each of you. Please let me know if I can help in any way. 
      • I added a new bunch of math links to the webpage. Math Web links  Have fun exploring new ways to practice math facts and more!
      • I'm not sure if this one will work....but just for fun, there is a short video of our dog Zoe attached at the very bottom. "Hey first graders, can you guess where she is?" 
      • 🎂BIRTHDAY WISHES 🌠go out to the March babies we didn't get to celebrate in class: AURORA PEREZ, March 16th, RYAN MARTINEZ , March 22nd, COLLIN LEGER turns 7 tomorrow, March 27th! and AVERY KASDAN will celebrate her special day this coming Tuesday, March 31st! Unfortunately, we can't celebrate our friends in our usual way, but you might ask your child to send them kind wishes and love from their heart. If they want to put something in writing, here are the email addresses you can send to: (Aurora) Missychenault@gmail.com (Ryan) mlyalexis@yahoo.com(Collin) m4rogers@gmail.com  (Avery) avery.kasdan@gmail.com
      • Here is a virtual hug and a few jokes for the birthday kids......"What do you call a bee that can't make up its mind?"                Maybe!  😂                         "What kind of art class does a coal miner take?"       Minecraft!   😂                 "What's the funniest candybar?"          Snickers  😂 
       And a couple of our lesser known birthday songs....
             "Hooray Hooray Hooray Hooray, Today today is your birthday. Hooray Hooray Hooray Hooray, today today is your birthday
               Not the beavers or the bears, not the pickles or the pears, not next week, or yes-ter-day....TODAY TODAY is your birthday! Hooray!"
               "Put another candle on your birthday cake, we're gonna bake a birthday cake, put another candle on your birthday cake, you're another year older today - HOORAY!"
      • Look for Mr. Peterson's Friday email tomorrow.
      • The Library Staff sends a message and recommends the websites below.
      1. The Monterey County Free Libraries have wonderful on-line resources. Activities for preschool-high school.  Tumblebooks, activities and games. Older students can read E-books and E-magazines.  They recently updated their website. Students/Parents do need a public library card.
      Here is their web address: emcfl.org or
      2. We have been learning about space in the library this year. There are read alouds from the International Space station.  Here are some sites to explore.
      3. If you have a favorite story you would like to listen to try this website:
      Mrs. Curtice and I hope that you continue reading your books at home or stories on-line. Please keep a reading log (on any paper) so we can share when we are together at school. 
      See you soon,
      Mrs. Wheat and Mrs. Curtice.

      Kim Reimer
      First Grade Teacher
      (831)620-8195  ext.3311


      Parent School Closure Update- March 20, 2020

      Hi Parents!

      Thank you all for being so prompt in retrieving your child’s work from Bobcat Hall on Tuesday 

      I think of our students daily and miss them all more than you could imagine.

      With that in mind please know that we teachers will continue to add valuable learning resources to our webpage and ClassLink (with the help of Mrs. Peterson) as we find them. 

      Please email me with any technology issues you might be having so I can create a trouble ticket for our tech department.

      Going forward please have your child study and take the spelling test for week 23 if you haven’t done so already. Next week, please have your child study the list for week 24 on Spelling City, testing them on Friday on a page in their journals.

      Remember to keep practicing handwriting, writing in journals and practicing math skills on ST math and by playing math games.


      Also, we want you to be able to explore the various sources out there for e-books:

       This one is the direct link to Monterey County Free Libraries (this is already a link on




      Here is a really good website where you can search for free e-stories by reading level and grade:



      This is a list of the 16 best websites for children’s ebooks: (During my search I was most drawn to the Oxford Owl website)



      I don’t yet know if this is even possible, but I hope to eventually get some sort of video chat going for room 11 students—it would be great for the children to see each other, somehow, if only on a screen.

      Last, here is a parent link to GoNoodle Good Energy which is full of fun activities devoted to having fun by getting moving. (It’s also on my website under the fun links tab).



      I hope you all are staying healthy and adjusting as well as can be expected under these stressful circumstances. At times like these, it’s great to be part of this loving, caring community. 

      Sending lots of love ❣️

      Ms. Kim Reimer






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