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April 20-25, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Happy week after Spring Break! Below please find the scholarly work for this week, along with how some of the work continues into next week.

Classroom Zoom Meetings:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 9:30. I will continue to send each family the invite about 10-15 minutes before each meeting begins. After you connect with the meeting, you will be in the “Waiting Room” until I click you in to join us. This safety measure was added for extra security reasons. 

For each Zoom Meeting (individual or group) have ready:

Journal, sharpened pencils, and eraser(a pen will do if no pencils handy)

Reading and Comprehension:

    1. In Anthology: read “Big Ideas From Nature” starts on pg. 258 and “Perdix Invents the Saw” starts on pg. 270. 
    2. Then, complete the work “Respond to the Text” on page 269 by going to the next available page in your journal (the language arts section) and writing your responses there. Remember to include complete thought sentences, and correct grammar/punctuation. A) For the “Summarize” part since you don’t have the Main Idea and Details Chart, you could use these sentence frames:  To begin with, the main idea___________. One supporting detail the text included was about how_____________________. Another detail explained________________. Thirdly, ________________. B)To complete the “Write” part, you could use the sentence starters they provided. C) Remember to include the important words in the prompt in your opening statement and then add 1-2 more sentences backing up your opening statement (expansion/explaining sentences).
    3. Take an A.R. test on each anthology story.
    4. Keep reading your own reading materials, and complete an A.R. Test if there is one available.                                           Writing: Please note: I will be offering short mini lessons on this writing process during part of most Zoom Meetings)
  1. Think about and choose something you are an expert on and that you would like to teach your class about. Of course, every expert is still growing and learning, but you want to choose something to inform us about that you have known a whole lot about and have a whole lot to say on the subject. The style of writing includes an opening (that has a hook type question sentence and a statement sentence about what you are specifically going to teach your reader about), 3 different sections/parts of what you are teaching about, and a conclusion (that includes next steps if a reader of your informational Essay wants to learn more).
  2. Fill in your “Informational Outline Paragraph/Essay graphic organizer (using 1 of the 3 included in your new packet). Next week, we will be writing it all up on a Google Doc and editing it.

Math: Complete Topic 11-1trough 11-5 using the “Reteaching/Practice” pages and referring to the hardcopy text for more instruction, clarification, and/or practice.

*Please practice math skills by visiting Imagine Math by using the Classlinks icon on our school website.

*If you would like help explaining topics to your child, access the Khan Academy website, and just search the topic with third grade as part of the search.

*In addition to this math learning, students also need to keep up on the math facts- focusing on all four operations:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. They can access Reflex Math on Classlinks to help with practice.  I've also included several practice copy pages in their recent packet. There are also many websites that you can use to download flashcards or practice sheets to aid in the memorization of facts.

Continue working on Typing Agent, Connect Ed, Reflex Math, Imagine Math, and Razz Kids as time allows. Also, please feel free to sign up for a 10-15 minute Zoom check-in with me if that would be helpful! As always, please continue to let me know when you have questions or concerns and thanks for being so flexible and supportive during this very stressful time! I love your children and miss seeing them in person! 

Additional Activities/Resources on Classlinks

*Brain Pop 

*ST Math   

*Don’t forget to search for a variety of enrichment activities throughout our school website.  


Welcome to Third Grade!
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