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Hello Bobcat Family. My name is Mr. A. I am the Physical Education Teacher here at Tular and yes my job is as fun as it looks!

Though the curriculum for each of the grades are very different, I have three overarching themes that guide my teaching:

1) I want students to love physical activity. Not everyone is a runner or a basketball player, but if I can find a few activities that your student enjoys doing and can help them be successful in that, then I know that they will be able to pursue being active for the rest of their life!

2) I want students to have the knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What a portion size is, benefits of sleep, how to set SMART goals, muscualr strength vs muscualr endurance, are a few small examples of what your student will learn as they progress from Kinder to 5th Grade.  

3) I want students to understand the importance of being people of character. Respect, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Caring, Responsibility, Citizenship underly our school values, but are also deeply embedded into our daily practices in PE. 

Go Bobcats!

Last Modified on December 14, 2022