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    *School Closure Update*



                NEW NEW NEW  ! ! !

    Take a virtual running tour around River School.


     Hello Parents and Students, I miss you! 

    At this point, it looks like we will not meet for class untill next year. It is very important to maintain an active lifestyle. Do your best to get your 60 minutes of vigorous activity every day.  Most River school families do a great job of staying physically fit. Maintain those good habits, I look forward to reading your logs next year!

    Monthly Exercise Log

    Would you like some ways to improve motor skill development and physical fitness? Each week, I will post a standards based physical education lesson link right here for you to enjoy.  The lessons will also include instructional videos.   

    Finally, We are working as a school to schedule zoom meeting times for all of the specialist. Once that schedule is confirmed I look forward to interacting with your children and answering any questions you may have.

    Take care, we are all in this together.

    Lesson Links

    March 30th April 4th K-1

    March 30th April 4th 3rd-5th


    April 6-10th K-2

    April 6th 10th 3rd-5th


    April 20- 24th K-2

    April 20th-24th 3rd-5th


    This week bring 3 catchable items for juggling. Also, if you have a jump rope bring that too!

    April 27th- May 1 K-2

    April 27th -May 1st 3rd- 5th


    This week for class you will need a balloon or Zip lock bag filled with air. 

    May 4th -May 8th K-2

    May 4th - May 8th 3rd-5th


    No equipment will be needed for the Zoom lesson this week.

    May 11th - 15th K-2

    May 11th- 15th 3rd- 5th


    No equipment will be needed this week.

    May 18th - 22nd K-2

    May 18th - 22nd 3rd-5th


    This week you will need a towle for class. 

    May 25th- 29th K-2

    May 25th - 29th 3rd-5th

    Shelter in Place Olympics Score Sheet



    Looking for something to do? Check out these activities to try with your family. I will try to add a new game each week.


    How do you stay active?

    Mr. Shugars would love to see how you are being active during the closure. Send me an email with a picture or video how you and your family get your exercise! 


    Please be sure that your child wears proper shoes on their P.E. day.

    MORNING MILE will begin the Tuesday after Labor Day!!!!

    If your child is sick or injured please send an email, so I can modify their lesson for the day.




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